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Welcome to the Tomix / EasyTrolley Modelers' Site!

With T-Trak for Trolleys

by R. D. Kerr


The Tomix Modelers' Website is a repository for information in English about the Tomix model railway product line of Tomy of Japan. It has no commercial connection to Tomy or Tomix, and exists for the benefit of railway modelers who are interested in, or are using, Tomix products. All aspects are included -- trains, track, track designs, control systems, buildings, Tomytec, etc.

Tomy targets and sells this product to the Japanese market, so almost all information is in Japanese, although recently it has entered into agreements with, and made products for, U.S. and European distributors. Tomix is a well designed, quality product line. Its competitor Kato, with its Unitrack products, is better known outside of Japan, with export distribution and marketing in place.

EasyTrolley / EasyTram is a concept I developed to help more people to easily model street railways, both at home and collectively at conventions and "meets." You don't even need to build and wire a module! It uses Tomix products to create versatile and realistic, tight-radius street railway trackage for N-gauge model trolleys and trams.

T-Trak for Trolleys presents designs and concepts for specialized T-Trak modules for those who want to build and scenic modules. These can be used together with ordinary T-Trak modules to create layouts with features specific to modeling trolleys, streetcars or trams. Tomix track is utilized for this purpose.

A companion Tomix group exists at for discussion purposes. There is a similar group ( for Kato Unitrack users. Some EasyTrolley discussion also occurs at the discussion group.

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