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CN 9096
Model and photo by Leslie Ehrlich
CN F-7A 9096

I'm no fan of F-units. Why? Because I associate F-units with train sets. When I was a kid the majority of HO scale train sets had F-units, and I wondered if the toy manufacturers were a little out of touch with reality by including what looked to be a passenger diesel with a bunch of freight cars. I never ever saw an F-unit pulling a freight. However, CN did have F-7s assigned to freight service and Athearn F-units are cheap. I pieced those two facts together and came up with this. Now you are going to ask 'Is that a passenger B-unit behind it?' The answer is yes. It's an out of the box factory painted F-7B that I retouched with black and olive green paint. But forget the B-unit! What's wrong with the A-unit? I know, I forgot to file off the steam generator detail at the back. The stripes are not at the correct angle either, but there were no dry transfers available in the earlier CN F-unit wet noodle scheme.  But from three feet away...


Detail Parts:
Miniatures by Eric  B7 CN F-unit Bell
Miniatures by Eric  H17 CN F-unit Winter Hatch
Detail Associates  1601 Nathan Air Horns 3 Chime M3
Detail Associates  WS 3303 Athearn F-7A Window Set
Detail Associates  RA 1803 Radio Antenna, Sinclair Type

C-D-S Lettering   HO-212 CN roadswitcher - stripe scheme, c. 1980