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CP 8416
Models and photo by Leslie Ehrlich
CP GP-7s 8416, 8415

I saw CN Geeps before I saw CP Geeps, and when I saw CP units in action for the very first time I thought they were running backwards.  Oh well, I'm not tempted to put things right when I run my locos.  CP GP-7s are easy to model.  Bells, horns, radio antennae, and that's it.  If you notice the Action Red unit has stripes on the face of the cab.  I don't ever remember seeing a CP Action Red Geep with five inch stripes that didn't have them on the front of the cab.  Yet I've seen factory painted models of CP Geeps without the stripes.   Someone messed up somewhere.   As for the Script unit, the Tuscan Red is way off, but it was my first attempt at mixing this colour.  I now know better.  Use a brand of paint that comes in CP maroon.  The yellow striping in the C-D-S Script and Block CP decal sets is a little on the light side, and it was an afterthought to try and match the paint on the pilots and handrails.  I did on 7068 and 8905.   Lots of trial and error in this hobby.


Detail Parts (both units):
Miniatures by Eric  B1 Diesel High Hood Bell
Miniatures by Eric  H1 CPR Diesel Air Horn
Detail Associates  RA 1803 Radio Antenna, Sinclair Type
M.V. Products  LS 25 Headlight Lenses for Athearn GP-38

Decals (8416):
C-D-S Lettering  HO-297 CP diesel roadswitcher - script lettering, c. 1965.

Decals (8415):
C-D-S Lettering  HO-259 CP Rail roadswitcher - early narrow stripe scheme, c. 1968.