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The museum is open every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10:00am - 5:00pm.
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Welcome to the
Heritage DiscoveRY Center
100 Lee Street, Buffalo, New York, 14210

         The city of Buffalo, New York is going through a rebirth and is definitely on the upswing, with new developments and classic old buildings to go along with some very fine and classy neighborhoods. No city can equal Buffalo’s transportation heritage and until now no one has envisioned how to utilize that industrial heritage that helped build our area and the nation. Buffalo was once the second largest railroad center in North America, as well as a major port city on the Great Lakes. Our goal is to commemorate our railway, industrial and maritime heritage. There would be no finer celebration of our history and tradition than to develop a world-class museum complex in the City of Buffalo dedicated to education, entertainment and family recreation.

         The Heritage DiscoveRy Center will provide Buffalo and Niagara Frontier with a unique cultural attraction to showcase the rich railroad, marine and industrial heritage of the region. Our goal is to create a regional attraction to capitalize on our proximity to Harbor Center, RiverBend, Canalside and Silo City will enhance an already growing and prosperous tourism market by encouraging extended-stay tourism in the Buffalo Niagara Region.

         This dynamic museum development will create a premier location here in Western New York to celebrate the rich industrial heritage of our region. The museum will offer interactive, educational opportunities for young and old by providing a center of learning about railroad, industrial and maritime history. Nearly 80% of our region’s population can trace family ties to the railroad, steel making or shipping at some point in their family history.

         Ethnic diversity and community pride are on display and demonstrated through ongoing study and exhibitions focused on the thousands of workers once employed by the railroads, steel plants and the Buffalo harbor. Our ancestors contibuted to the growth and economic development of Western New York and the nation.

         In addition to the ‘‘Western New York Railway Historical Society Inc.,’’ the Heritage DiscoveRy Center has become home to the ‘‘Steel Plant Museum of Western New York’’, ‘‘The Nickel Plate Road Historical & Technical Society, Inc.,’’ ‘‘The Erie Lackawanna Historical Society, Inc.,’’ ‘‘The Buffalo Lighthouse Association,’’ the ‘‘Buffalo Irish Genealogical Society.’’ and ‘‘The Buffalo Geological Society.’’

         Thank you for your visit and please take some time to see all we have accomplished in eight years. The Heritage DiscoveRy Center is open every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10:00am‐4:00pm where you can browse at your leisure or a volunteer can guide you through our many exhibits.

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