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News Updates - 2019

January 2019
By Ron Dukarm

ARCHIVE COLLECTIONS - As we continue to expand our archive collections and library, we now have over 6,000 square feet devoted to storing all the artifacts, books and photographs in our collection. The Buffalo Irish Genealogy Society, "BIGS" has released an index of over 4,500 New York Central Employee Records that they have compiled from the archives of the WESTERN NEW YORK RAILWAY HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Click the link to look at the index and see if you can find any relatives. They are now working on records from the Erie Railroad. They have entered over 30,000 RR employees into our data base and are working on adding another 20,000. We have erected more shelving in the library and now have maxed out our space.

VOLUNTEERS - We conclude 2018 by logging in over 6.800 hours of recorded volunteer time at the Heritage Discovery Center. You can probably triple this when you add in all the time spent at Society projects at the: Orchard Park Depot, Williamsville Depot, Hamburg Work Site, Medina Railroad Excursion activities, Two Train Shows and all the time spent by Officers, Board members, Committee Chairmen and dedicated members working at home on reports, finances, phone calls, Railway Flyer, etc.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH - The Heritage Discovery Center continues to host local community events and has become the meeting place for all of our affiliate partners.
  • STRC MEETING - 1/3/19 - The HDC hosted a meeting of the South Towns Rail Committee, exploring trains to Jamestown, attended by Ed Patton and Joe Kocsis.
  • BSRHS MEETING - 1/5/19 - The HDC hosted a meeting of seven officers the Buffalo & Susquehanna Railroad Historical Society, planning their annual convention at the HDC in early August. Representing the HDC were: Joe Kocsis, Ed Patton, Ron Dukarm, Steve Kocsis and Hugh Guillaume.
  • GREY LINE MEETING - 1/5/19 - Ed P. met with the owner of Grey Line Tours and set up arrangements for bus line excursionists to tour HDC this coming summer.
  • BUILDINGS & GROUNDS - 1/3/19 - Elk Street Lot - Don Owens informed us that sale negotiations for the lot are continuing with the Medaille College Sports Complex. They inquired if a caboose could be placed on the property.
    1/5/19 - Don informed us that a firm offer has been received from Medaille College for the Elk Street Lot and the WNYRHS Board is in process of approving it.

  • HOUSEKEEPING - 1/3/19 - Tony did the dishes and cleaned countertops. Our contractor cleaned the restrooms and mopped the floors. Barb and Tom picked up and delivered the mail.
    1/5/19 - Tony did the dishes and emptied the trash. George Specht removed the wheels from the baggage cart for repair. Nestor A. and Jeff S. removed cardboard and trash from the second floor and also moved furniture and ceiling tiles to the Hospital Building. Ron D. met with Mike P. to plan the installation of two, 42 inch glass doors to be installed for the new ELHS space on the second floor. Mike also delivered panels for a third stall in the Ladies Room.
    1/8/19 - Tony did the dishes and took the trash to the dumpster. Mike delivered the lock & key from the Orchard Park storage unit.

  • OP STORAGE UNIT - 1/3/19 - Mike P. brought the final truckload of furniture, file cabinets and records from our storage facility in Orchard Park and delivered them to the Hospital Building. The storage unit is now empty.

  • LIBRARY - 1/3/19 - Jim, Donna, Pat, Mike and Ed worked on library projects. Jeff worked on the Magazine Project.
    1/5/19 - Jim, Donna, Diane, and Ed worked on library projects. Jeff worked on Magazines. Steve K. worked on archives. Hugh G. catalogued NYC archives.
    1/8/19 - Jim, Donna, Pat, Mike, Jan, Chris and Ed worked on library projects. Jim had two computer technicians in to upgrade our system.

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