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I1sa 4483 - Old Photo Album

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"The Old Photo Album"
         Since #4483 was built in May of 1923, until its retirement in 1958, we are fortunate that many photographers chose to capture #4483 in many locations before it came to Hamburg, New York, in 1982. The photos below reflect the forsite that these men had to preserve forever the brawn and beauty of this truly unique locomotive.

In 1956, Henry K. Goellner captured #4483 at work somewhere on the Elmria Branch in Central New York. Photo courtesy of his son, Tom Goellner.

Don Wood has probably done more to document the history of the Pennsylvaina Railroad than any other photographer. Don's many books on the "Pennsy" are a testimony to his love for steam, steel and the people who made the railroad run. In 1956, Don was in Sunbury, Pennsylvania when he caught #4483 leaving the waterplug with a string of empty gon's. This is a beautiful photo and can be purchased from Don's web site "I Remember Pennsy" as a black and white print from his original negatives.

Don followed #4483 that day in Sunbury and caught her engineer backing a set out of empties at a crossing as her fireman gives Don a second look. The Society extends their gratitude to Don for the use of his photo's here. Please visit his web site where this photo is also availible by special request.

Photo Journalist, Ron Ziel has traveled all over North America photographing steam from Northern Canada to Mexico since he was a boy. The 15 railroad books he had published over his career are a testimony to his love for steam railroading. Published in 1963, his book "The Twilight of Steam Locomotives," influenced many of today's steam enthusiasts and preservationists and included #4483. In late May of 1962, Ron found himself at the Pennsylvania Roundhouse in Northumberland, Pennsylvinia, before the Pennsy gave away the collection of 14 locomotives stored there, Ron was in Steam Heaven! Below are the images Ron captured of #4483 with its "stablemates" that were stored just outside the Roundhouse in Northumberland. The Society thanks Ron for granting us the use of his photo's. Some of his books and photo's can be purchased at his web site  Ron Ziel Steam.

Ron Ziel found #4483 in 1962, sitting next to her larger cousin, M-1 #6755. The M-1 is now a permanent resident of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

Here are the five locomotives Ron found outside the Northumberland Roundhouse. First, the M-1, 4-8-2 #6755, I1sa, 2-10-0 #4483, B-6, 0-6-0 #1670, G-5, 4-6-0 "10 Wheeler," PRR #5741 and last, the famous E-6 Atlantic, 4-4-2 #460. With exception of #4483, all are at the RMOP and each is the last example of their kind.

With two tracks empty, Ron was able to get a full engineer's side shot of #4483. Little did he know that this is the same shot that so many people who visit Hamburg, NY. enjoy today! Notice that the "Doghouse" is still intact on the tender before the Westinghouse Air Brake Company chose to remove it to store their telephone switching equipment.

Here is a rare tender view shot of both the M-1 on the left and the I1sa on the right. Spilled coal is still evident on both the water tanks as is the "Doghouse" on the short haul tender of #4483. Its too bad that WABCO chose to "gut" the tender along with those very rare "Diver Helmet" Marker Lamps. Notice the "smoke deflectors" on the trailing edge of both cab roofs. Also look to see how much shorter the 41ft, 8 Wheel Tender of the I1sa is compared to the 62ft, 12 Wheel Tender of the M-1.

December 15th, 2016 - With great sadness we were informed of Ron Ziels death at the age of 77. A resident under the care of the Good Samaritan Society in Idaho Falls, he passed away peacefully from natural causes. His passion for steam locomotives and their railroads will live on in his many books and thousands of photographs. Click here to read a beautiful condolence from Trains Magazine editor Jim Wrinn

#4483 sat on the front lawn of Westinghouse Air Brake Company in Wilmerding, PA. on a short piece of panel track for over 22 years before its move to Buffalo. Bob Rathke took this photo of #4483 and the Business Car the "Ohio," which is also part of the Society Collection in 1968. The locomotive is looking much better than it did when it was stored in Northumberland.

"New 3/20/07" Roy Schmeelcke, of Rochester, PA., was scanning over 700 slides when he came across these photos he took in April, 1979. His friend John and his son Jay were captured exploring the locomotive and the passenger car the "Ohio" just three years before the engine and car left Westinghouse property. It was evident that WABCO had stopped painting the engine and rust was starting to invade the metal. However, Roys shots do show a unique look at what #4483 would look like with "Silver Sidewalls" and rods, something the Pennsy would have no part of. My Thanks to Roy for sharing these rare views of the engine!

It was a cool winter day in January of 1983 when #4483 arrived in the Buffalo "stockyard" of Conrail's NYC Terminal in an "extra" freight. With the "Ohio" in tow, it is easy to see why WABCO wanted the locomotive off their front lawn as soon as possible. The "collectable" pieces of the engine were removed prior to the move from PA. for safekeeping. However, all of the windows in the cab and most of those in the "Ohio" were broken.

In 1984, Andy Morscher captured a unique look at #4483 when it was moved to the opposite side of the old Erie Railroad Freight Station by the Buffalo Southern Railroad. This used to be done every year up until 1989 to facilitate the parking of the James E. Strates "Fair Train," which comes every year in early August for the Erie County Fair. The BSOR now uses another siding for the "Fair Train."

If you, or someone you know has old photos of #4483, we would love to hear from you. Just use the "Email" link at the bottom of this page and someone from the Society will contact you. Thank You!

The Lower Anthracite Model Railroad Club has an exciting story of four "Decapods" doing battle with a 1.31 percent grade just out side the Town of Shamokin, Pennsylvania. Take a moment to read about the  BATTLE ON THE SHAMOKIN VALLEY BRANCH. Its a great testimony to the power of these locomotives and the men who ran them!

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