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Union Pacific's Cima Subdivision: Nevada Segment: Las Vegas, NV to Calada, NV  

Union Pacific's Cima Subdivision
Nevada Segment: Las Vegas, NV to Calada, NV
Updated: 10/10/2005  Current Picture Count = 40


    Trains leaving south out of Las Vegas begin their journey toward Yermo on the Cima Sub. Downtown Las Vegas serves as the division point between the Caliente and Cima Subs, and marks the point where UP changes between Mountain and Pacific time. The area immediately around the city leaves a bit to be desired, although one can work some of the casinos into a nice picture or two. One of the most scenic spots along the Nevada portion of this sub is the area south of town where the mountain pass leaves the Las Vegas valley, an area known as Bard. The line here makes a hard climb out of the valley and then winds through a short but scenic canyon, before hitting the flat dry lake beds south of Jean and on to the California line.  Most pictures on this page are taken between Las Vegas and Jean, NV. ( about 35 miles or so south of the city.)

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Maps and Railfan Info

Cima Sub Main Page

Cima Sub Maps and Railfan Info Main

Nevada  (Las Vegas, NV to Calada, NV)

Nevada Segment

Cima Hill  (Nipton, CA to Kelso, CA)

Cima Hill Segment

Afton Canyon  (Flynn, CA to Dunn, CA)

Afton Cyn Segment

 Yermo  (Field, CA to Yermo, CA)



Las Vegas (west of crew change)...

UP 8242  Las Vegas, NVUP 4036 Las Vegas, NVUP 4036  Las Vegas, NVUP 6599  Las Vegas, NVUP 4976  Las Vegas, NVUP 5010  Las Vegas, NVUP 4000  Las Vegas, NV UP 3134  Las Vegas, NV

Bracken...(retired UP Station)

UP 8198  Las Vegas, NVUP 6225  Las Vegas, NVUP 4000  Las Vegas, NV UP 5114  Las Vegas, NV

Boulder Junction / Maule...

UP 4233  Las Vegas, NVUP 6995  Las Vegas, NVUP 5781  Boulder Jct, NVUP 5781  Boulder Jct, NV **


UP 4036 Arden, NVUP 4770  Arden, NV **

Bard... (not an official UP Station)

UP 6246  Bard, NVUP 4183  Bard, NVUP 4718  Bard, NVUP 4849  Bard, NV ***


UP 9782  Sloan, NVAmtrak 450  Sloan, NVUP 4527  Sloan, NVUP 4752  Sloan, NV


Amtrak 450  Erie, NVDRGW 5354  Erie, NV


UP 9829  Jean, NV

Borax...None so far

Calada...None so far

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