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Union Pacific's Cima Subdivision Page: Cima Hill Segment: Nipton, CA to Kelso, CA  

Union Pacific's Cima Subdivision
Cima Hill Segment: Nipton, CA to Kelso, CA
Updated 8-9-2003 Current Picture Count = 48

    The next page of my Cima Subdivision page is dedicated to its namesake, specifically the area for which it is named, Cima Hill. This grueling grade remains one of the steepest climbs the UP must face in its march across the continent. Rising to over 4000', Cima Hill has given the UP pause on several occasions, even producing a few runaways, which now result in downhill trains on the west side of the hill barely making 20 mph! Getting ahead to that next photo spot is never an issue. Eastbound trains (downhill on the east side) make track speed, up around 55 mph.   Kelso is a great spot in this section, most notably for its old train station, now being restored to house the Mojave National Preserve Visitors Center. The tracks of the Cima Sub pass through the preserve.
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    SLIDESHOW 31 picture presentation of my day on Cima Hill, 4-19-2003... Slideshow thumbs are defined by the thicker border. All shots in the slideshow are in a 1024 X 685 pixel format, slower internet users be advised the pictures are around 150 K each.



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Picture Pages

Maps and Railfan Info

Cima Sub Main Page

Cima Sub Maps and Railfan Info Main

Nevada  (Las Vegas, NV to Calada, NV)

Nevada Segment

Cima Hill  (Nipton, CA to Kelso, CA)

Cima Hill Segment

Afton Canyon  (Flynn, CA to Dunn, CA)

Afton Cyn Segment

 Yermo  (Field, CA to Yermo, CA)




MoW equipment;  Nipton, CAUP 3107  Nipton, CA


UP 5752  Moore, CAUP 5787  Moore, CA


UP 4125  Ivanpah, CAUP 4403  Ivanpah, CAUP 5752  Ivanpah, CAUP 5752  Ivanpah, CAUP 9031  Ivanpah, CA


Brant, CAUP 4929  Brant, CAUP 5737  Brant, CAUP 5812  Brant, CASP 270  Brant, CASP 270  Brant, CAUP 5752  Brant, CA


UP 4125  Joshua, CAUP 4131  Joshua, CAUP 4340  Joshua, CASP 270  Joshua, CA


UP 6782  Cima, CAUP 9856  Cima, CAUP 4526  Cima, CAUP 4052  Cima, CAUP 4125  Cima, CAUP 4507  Cima, CADRGW 5507  Cima, CASP 270  Cima, CAUP 4878  Cima, CAUP 5787  Cima, CAUP 5787  Cima, CAUP 4823  Cima, CA*


UP 4383  Chase, CAUP 4383  Chase, CAUP 4526  Chase, CAUP 4763  Chase, CAUP 4784  Chase, CAUP 4524  Chase, CA*

Elora...none so far


UP 4383  Dawes, CAUP 4675  Dawes, CAUP 4052  Dawes, CA


SP 292  Hayden, CAUP 4052  Hayden, CA


UP 4383  Kelso, CAUP 9809  Kelso, CAUP 4526  Kelso, CA

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