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Union Pacific's Cima Subdivision Page: Yermo Segment: Field, CA to Yermo / Daggett, CA  

Union Pacific's Cima Subdivision
Yermo Segment: Field, CA to Yermo / Daggett, CA
Updated 4-25-2003 Current Picture Count = 4


        The final part of the Cima sub to cover is the Yermo section. With roughly 20 miles of track in this section, it is unusually small for a close-up look than I normally would do. With the natural barrier that Afton Cyn provides to the railroad, I figured it would make a nice break for the website too, so this section is made and basically covers everything west of the Afton Cyn area. There is a paved (though rough) road that runs along much of the main here starting in Yermo and extending all the way to Dunn, where it rejoins I-15. I haven't traveled the whole stretch so I am not familiar with it...yet. There appear to be some really decent locations to try and shoot so this is a place I need to work on. It is really hard to wait for 4 or 5 trains in a morning or afternoon knowing that just a few miles away, the BNSF Transcon is probably running hot and heavy. Sacrifice I guess.
        The highlight of this area might be, interestingly enough, the deadline at Yermo. UP has used the outside track of the yard to store literally dozens of unit. Ex SP, DRGW, and older UP' fill the line. While a bit far from public access, a 300 mm lenses will probably do the job nicely. Wish I had one. :o)
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    Obviously this page needs some attention. I am really trying to figure out when I can get to this area for some new and fresh stuff. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.


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Cima Sub Maps and Railfan Info Main

Nevada  (Las Vegas, NV to Calada, NV)

Nevada Segment

Cima Hill  (Nipton, CA to Kelso, CA)

Cima Hill Segment

Afton Canyon  (Flynn, CA to Dunn, CA)

Afton Cyn Segment

 Yermo  (Field, CA to Yermo, CA)



Field...none so far

Manix...none so far

Toomey...none so far

Minneola...none so far

E. Yermo

UP 8000 Yermo, CASP 112  Yermo, CASP 345  Yermo, CA

Yermo...none so far

***Below stations are actually part of the Los Angeles Sub, but it makes sense to add them here.***

W Yermo


UP 7116  Daggett, CA

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