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A lonely outpost on May 9, 1962, the Altura station was located at the end of the 8.6-mile branch line from Utica. At the time, neither the depot nor line had a lengthy future. Service to Altura was discontinued on May 29, 1962. Walt Dunlap photo.

PDF Copies of Safety News

PDF Copies of CGW Safety News are now available. This CD contains a complete set of Safety News (January 1955, Volume 1, Number 1, through June 30, 1968, Volume 14, Final Issue). Evolving from a two page ditto copy in January 1955, the CGW's employee newsletter became an eight page multi-color newsletter by April 1956, a format retained until the final issue. The Safety News includes excellent photos, historical information, and customer profiles as well as employee features, political commentary, and safety musings.

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The CGW list was created to discuss the Chicago Great Western Railway. This is an unmoderated and unrestricted list. The dialogue may include any topic related to the CGW, predecessor roads, and disposition of locomotives, equipment, and plant on successor roads, e.g., cab units, tank cars, and flanger stars.

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