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3042c&o Life-Like Proto 2000 GP30 #3042...
The Chessie System inherited quite a few GP30's from the C&O.  Most of these units got repainted into Chessie paint.  #3042 was in an order of 48 GP30's (#3000-3047) purchased in 1963.  For more information on this class and the kits available for GP30's see my Proto 2000 Chessie C&O GP30 , 2 Proto 2000 GP30s or Spectrum C&O GP30 pages.  #3042 was wrecked in 1979.  As for the other GP30's in this order, I know that #3003, 3005, 3013 were wrecked in 1975.  #3045 and 3047 were wrecked in 1965.

Below is an actual pic of #3042 in the paint scheme I did.

Below are finished pictures of #3042.  Click on this link to see a "how to" article on this locomotive.