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Redlands wigwags  
Southern California
Nevada St...

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Photo by Dan Meier - 2006

Redlands last wigwag is located at Nevada Street on a small industrial spur off of the BNSF. This one has a small US&S terminal box attached to the mast. Notice rock guard over the banner light. Also included is a close up of the crossbuck at that crossing. This is an example of a typical Santa Fe style crossbuck, steel pole pinched at the top for mounting the sign. These were made from old steam engine boiler tubes. The name "Santa Fe" is barely visible through the rust.
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Ralph Squillace - 1999
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Dan Meier -  2006

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Photo by Ralph Squillace

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Another view of the Nevada St. wigwag sent in by Paul Krot. (Jan. 2000)

Mountain View Ave...

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Evan Werkema caught this one in action on the
second to last day of 2000.

Until February 2, 2003, Redlands had another wigwag located at Mountain View Ave on
the former ATSF Redlands branch line. It was removed during the line upgrades for
Metrolink service.

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A couple detail shots, supplied by Ralph Squillace. Note the
US&S single relay case used for a base. This was common
practice for ATSF wigwags.

Note  -
This wigwag was finally retired in September, 2005.
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6/26/05 - by Mike Schaller

Mike Schaller sends us this night shot  of the Vista wigwag, taken on June 26, 2005 as the Escondido local
passes by. Aparently it is rare to catch a daytime train here, so he snagged this night shot.

The Vista wigwag is the last wigwag in the San Diego area. It is now on the very endangered list as a track
rebuilding program for the Sprinter is nearing this crossing. The rumor is that this crossing will be closed.
Get your photos now! Otherwise you'll have to travel up to LA to get your wigwag fix...

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Larry and friend pose next to the Vista wigwag in Sept. 1998.
This one protects the S.D. Northern (former ATSF)
at Guajome Ave. very typical Santa Fe cantilever design.
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Another view by Evan Werkema (7/98)

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