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Hawthorn wigwags  
Southern California


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Photo by Steve Crise

Another old Pacific Electric style wigwag was located in Hawthorne (south of L.A.) by Pete Mauriello. This signal appears to be in fairly good shape, and is the last one on the PE Hawthorne Branch.  It is located on Eucalyptus Avenue (see maps below). According to noted rail photographer Donald Duke, this line was a good place to photograph the old electric box motors. At one time this line saw  two trains daily, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I do not have current info yet on what kind of traffic this line sees now. If you have any further info or photos, please email me.

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Above 3 photos by Pete Mauriello (6/00)

Bob Allessi adds this bit of info:
Hawthorne is on the former Pacific Electric El Segundo
Branch. Before pipelines, it saw heavy oil train
traffic from the Standard Oil of California El Segundo
refinery. Some tank car and lumber traffic still
travels through Hawthorne and past the Wig-Wags there
on the way to the end of the branch.

For a map of where Hawthorne is, click here.
For a detailed street map, click here.
AOL map link

Both wigwags in Florence (Randolph and Wilmington/
Gage and Hooper) were retired in 9/01.
Thanks to Steve Crise and Charles Bentrup for updating us.

Randolph and Wilmington...

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The above 2 photos were taken at the intersection of Randolph and Wilmington
in Florence. Dave explains that the pole that holds the wigwag was once used
for overhead wire. This was once the PE La Habra line. It is now used as a UPRR
freight bypass around Los Angeles. This wigwag may not be around much longer
because of a signal upgrade that is in progress.

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Action shot by Steve Crise

Gage and Hooper...

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Florence photos by Dave Morgan (10/00)

These two shots were taken at the intersection of Gage and Hooper Avenues,
not too far from the above shots. This used to be a short spur line to a local
industry, but as you can see, the rail has been pulled from the street. This signal's
days are definitely numbered. For a map of this area, click here.

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Close up by Steve Crise

Coast Line pt1
Coast Line pt2

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