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GC&M Railroad

"The Dark Knight Route"
The Gotham City & Metropolis Railroad is the fictional line connecting the 2 famous DC Comics Cities in HO Scale. The layout is in an 11' x 14' room in a basement. It is a switching layout with the added benefit of a continous loop. It was started in March 2006 and as of Fall 2011 it is 99% complete in terms of scenery. Besides the railroad operations, the layout features many of the Heroes and Villains of the DC Comics' Universe.
Clockwise from Upper Left: 1) A BN through-freight departs 47th Street Yard as the Bat-Signal is lit up.
2) Clark Kent, visiting the Gotham City Branch of the Daily Planet, heads for the phone booth.
3) The Dynamic Duo head for the Batmobile parked in front of Depot Square
4) U18B #1800 shows the current corporate paint scheme