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GC&M Railroad

"The Dark Knight Route"
Clockwise from Upper Left: 1) Alco HH660 #606 switches Axis Chemicals
2) BN U25B #5417 and a RS-3 #4064 work the 47th Street Yard
3) Wonder Woman, on top of Cobblepot Cold Storage observes a meeting between Lex Luthor & the Penguin
4) U18B #1800 pulls a gondola loaded with scrap out of East Gotham Transloaders
The layout has 4 on-line customers and a small switching yard at 47th Street just below the city center. Customers include:
Axis Chemicals (alledged origin of the Joker),
Cobblepot Cold Storage (a front for the smuggling operations of the Penguin

East Gotham Transloaders - where over-dimensional freight is transferred to and from ocean going vessels
Universal Exports: a British Company rumored to be a front for MI-6 and one of its important 00x Operatives