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Remains of the B&H's Murray St Electric Substation

Hamilton Transit History

Remains of the B&H

B&H Murray St electric substation (Now Demolished)

This electric substation located on Murray St in Brantford was built in 1907 by the Brantford & Hamilton to convert electricity from the high voltage (40 000 Volts) used for long distance power transmission to the lower voltage (600 V) used by the B&H. The electricity was supplied by the DeCew generating station near St. Catharines.

After the sale of the Hamilton Radials' parent company to Ontario Hydro in 1930 and the closure of the B&H the following year, the Murray St substation became an electric substation for the Brantford Public Utilities Commission until the late 1960s. It was also used for storing equipment and large material, such as transformers and poles.

Due to deteriorating condition, this building was demolished in the spring of 2009. The site is still fenced off, but the foundation pad is still present.

(All photos © Tom Luton, except where noted)

The front of the substation

The front entrance of the substation, facing Murray St. Above the front door used to be the letters 'HYDRO'

The north side of the substation

The north side of the substation

The south side of the substation

The south side of the substation