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This page is home to articles and stories on Hamilton’s transit history.

Radials & Streetcars

The Cars of the H&D

Steam Dummies for Dummies

The Story of the HG&B cars

The Cars of the HRER

The Cars of the B&H

The Cars of the HTC

Which cars were lost in the 1913 Freight Station Fire?

Fruit shipping on the HG&B

How Many HSR Horsecars Were Converted To Streetcars?

The History of the Hamilton LRT


Hamilton Commuter Rail: A Proposal

What if the HSR had kept its Streetcars?

Past Proposals

The Proposed Hamilton Intermediate Capacity Transit System (ICTS)

General History

1874-The First Year of the HSR

1892-Electrification of the HSR: From Horses to Horsepower

The 1906 Hamilton Streetcar Strike and Riot

The 1908 South Car Barn Fire

The 1917 Hamilton King St Station GTR/HSR Collision

Numbering scheme of the Hamilton radials and the HSR

Paint schemes of the Hamilton Street Railway

HSR and HSR related advertisements

Final Fate of Radials and HSR Streetcars and Buses

Radial, HSR and CCL Accidents, 1874-1925

Radial, HSR and CCL Accidents, 1925 to present and unknown




Hamilton Historical Resources

YouTube videos about the HSR (external link)