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HSR Trolley Buses

Hamilton Transit History

HSR Trolley Buses

From 1950 to 1992, the HSR ran three trolley bus routes through the downtown core of Hamilton. Two of these routes, the King and the Barton, replaced streetcar lines when the tracks were removed in 1951. The third, the Cannon route, was the first trolley bus route, which replaced a busy bus line in 1950. Over the years, a few different types of trolley buses were used until the system was removed in 1992


King-Barton (later 1 King and 2 Barton)
Cannon (later 3 Cannon)

Map of 1959 Trolley overhead


HSR trolley buses were at first not numbered in the same sequence as HSR buses. They were instead numbered following the old streetcar and radial numbering sequence. The first two batches of HSR trolley buses were numbered in the 700s, following this pattern. This numbering scheme be finally retired with the delivery of the E800B’s numbered in the 78xx series.

CC&F T-48/48A (HSR# 701-718/HSR# 721-750)
Flyer E700A (HSR# 751-790)
Flyer E800B (HSR# 7801-7816)