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Hamilton Transit History

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there bus routes in Hamilton that run across the city, but are named after a street that makes up only a tiny portion of the route?

The 5 DELAWARE runs from the edge of Dundas across Hamilton well into Stoney Creek. And yet Delaware Ave makes up less than 1 km of its route length. The reason that such a large route is named after such a tiny street is that when the Delaware bus was first created back in the 1940s, Delaware Ave was a significant portion of its length. Over the last several decades, the DELAWARE bus has grown and expanded, but no one has altered the name to follow.

A similar case exists for the 35 COLLEGE and the 51 UNIVERSITY routes. When the routes were created, Mohawk College and McMaster University were both at the end of their respective bus routes. Now the routes have been extended, but there's no need to rename them as they still serve the institutions the're named after.

What's the history of your website?

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