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 Canadian Car & Foundry C-36A (HSR #211:2-218:2)

Canadian Car & Foundry C-36A (HSR #211:2-218:2)

Built in 1950, 8 C-36As were delivered to the HSR. On October 18, 1954, HSR C-36A buses #211, 214, & 215 were sent to Toronto under police escort to help out as emergency shuttle buses in the wake of Hurricane Hazel, where they remained until the end of the month.

All of these buses were still in service when the HSR was sold to the City of Hamilton in 1959, but were retired before 1972. At some point, HSR #214-218 were transferred over the Canada Coach Lines, but when and for how long is unclear.

Some of the dates for these photos are unknown, and the locations are often just a guess. If you know either date or location, email me!

(All photos © Tom Luton, except where noted)

HSR 213:2 and HSR #310 inside the Sanford shops, date unknown.

HSR #213:2 and HSR #310 inside the Sanford shops, date unknown. (Photo from the Hamilton Street Railway)

HSR 214:2 in Toronto on the Queensway, Oct 25 1954

HSR #214:2 is a little outside its normal territory on October 25, 1954. Ten days earlier Hurricane Hazel had roared through the Toronto area, causing massive flooding and killing dozens. Bridges were washed out over the Humber river, disrupting Toronto's streetcar network. Fifteen HSR and ten CCL buses were sent to Toronto on October 18 under police escort to help out, which is why HSR #214 is at Humber loop on Lakeshore Blvd in Toronto. HSR #214 is acting as a shuttle bus, crossing temporary bridges to connect the two halves of the QUEEN streetcar route (note the card in the front window) severed by the washed out bridges. In the background are several Toronto Transit Commission PCC streetcars, including TTC #4734. (Photo courtesy of the Toronto Public Library, Digital Collections)

HSR 214:2 at the Sanford yard, date unknown.

HSR #214:2 at the Sanford yard, date unknown. (From Alan Gryfe’s collection, used with permission)

HSR #215 leaving Sanford Yard in 1956.

HSR #215:2 leaving Sanford Yard in 1956. (Photo from mbernero's Flickr page, used with permission.)