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 Stephenson DEDT Streetcars (HSR #90-99)

Stephenson DEDT Streetcars (HSR #90-99)

These 10 open cars were built in 1901 by the Stephenson Company, and were used on service to the Deering Works (part of International Harvester) at Burlington & Sherman so frequently that they were nicknamed 'Deering Cars'. The Stephenson cars were also rented/leased out to the radials, and could be found well outside Hamilton. In 1907 six of the cars were rebuilt by the HSR into closed streetcars, HSR #91, #93-95, #97 & #99

The Stephenson cars may hold the dubious distinction of being the unluckiest streetcars ever owned by the HSR. Three of the Stephenson cars were destroyed in the South Car Barn fire on January 20, 1908. HSR #93 collided with a bus on Main St West while on the Hamilton & Dundas on July 28, 1922. All of the other cars were scrapped between 1920 and 1933


Length 44 ft, 0 in
Width 9 ft, 3 in
Height 11 ft, 11 in
Trucks Brill?
Motors GE 1000
Weight 33 880 lbs
Seating 44

Some of the dates for these photos are unknown, and the locations are often just a guess. If you know either date or location, email me!

(All photos © Tom Luton, except where noted)

The remains of HSR 95

A Stephenson DEDT crosses over the Burlington Canal on the first HRER canal bridge, looking south. The earliest postmark that has been found on this type of card is August 26, 1907.

HSR 93 after colliding with a bus, July 28, 1922

HSR #93 after colliding with one of the buses belonging to the Dundas-Hamilton bus line, a privately owned competitor. The accident took place at the H&D crossing at Main St West on July 28, 1922. (Photo courtesy of the Dundas Museum & Archives, used with permission)

HSR 95 in service on the HRER, at the Queen's Hotel in Burlington in 1902

HSR #95 in service on the HRER, at the Queen's Hotel in Burlington in 1902. The Queen's Hotel still stands today, at the corner of Elgin & Brant St. (Photo from "The Garden of Canada: Burlington, Oakville and District" published in 1902, available online from

HSR 95 at Sanford Yard, sometime in the 1920s.

HSR #95 at Sanford Yard, sometime around 1930. #95 is coupled to #91, both of which were rebuilt from open to closed cars by the HSR. (From the Al Patterson collection, used with permission)

The remains of HSR 95

The remains of HSR #95, behind the Arkell Foods plant in Winona, off of Highway 8 in Oct 1946. (From the Richard Vincent collection, used with permission)

A photo postcard of HSR #99, date and location unknown.

A photo postcard of HSR #99, date and location unknown. The earliest postmark found for this postcard is October 3 1912.


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