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Bobber Caboose Construction Photos Page 1

Bobber Caboose Construction
Page 1
March 2000 - January 2004

The following are images of the Bobber Caboose's Construction...

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The Bobber Caboose started out as a Mountain Car kit, however due to the extreme lack of detail parts this was abandoned rather quickly. The main components (floor, main body and roof) are from the kit, all other detail parts are scratch built.

A view of the side of the car. This is as far as the Mountain Car kit takes you. There are no windows or doors, these all need to be scratch built.

I reinforced the interior of the car substantially. These cars tend to get banged around quite a bit, so you can never be strong enough.

Here is the roof. Unfortunately due to the poor quality of the kit, the two sides didn't fit together very well. Lots and lots and lots of putty was used as filler along with an equal amount of sanding and finishing.

The roof section of the Cupola, the same difficulties as the main roof section.

The roof is almost complete now. As can be seen, the cupola has been constructed. The pieces supplied with the kit did not fit correctly, so new ones needed to be fabricated out of 1/2" ply. The groves were made with a table saw, a very difficult and tedious task. The 2 large holes in the main roof section within the cupola will allow light from the main body to enter the upper section.

A closeup of the completed cupola

The underside of the roof was strengthened in the same fashion as the caboose's body, using brackets. These, however were custom made due to the odd angle of the roof.

The completed roof assembly

At this point, the main body and roof assembly have been completed. The trucks used are standard Mountain Car Bobber Caboose trucks. Now, on to detailing...


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