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Bobber Caboose Construction Photos Page 2

Bobber Caboose Construction
Page 2
March 2000 - January 2004

The following are images of the Bobber Caboose's Construction...

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A thick layer of Ehlmer's Exterior Wood glue was applied to the entire roof. Asphalt roofing shingle was then glued on. The effect was excellent, giving a very realistic and prototypical look.

Here you can see the asphalt shingle applied to the roof, as well as all the basswood needed for the molding.

A photo of the completed roof assembly. The asphalt shingle has been installed as well as all the detail molding. Installing the molding was a long and tedious, though easy job. After all the cuts were made, it was simply glued on to the car, sticking extremely well to the asphalt shingle.

Here you can see the catwalks, now installed on the roof and cupola section. These catwalks were all made with basswood, like the detail molding, and were simply glued in place. The chimney exhaust stack is a custom made piece. I used a small piece of 3/4" PVC pipe as the stack. The base is a piece of aluminum I turned on a lathe and the top wind deflector / rain cover is a piece of brass fit and bent into shape.

Since the original kit didn't include any doors, I was forced to scratch build them out of a nice thick piece of basswood. The cross-support detail on the door is made of small strips of basswood simply glued in place.

Here is a photo of the completed doors. The doorknobs are aluminum turnings.

Here is the completed battery box. This presented many problems. In order to remain scale, the access to the interior of the battery box where the electrical switches will be located is very limited. The entire battery box is constructed from scratch out of basswood.

Battery box with the access door open.

In order to allow for more access to the battery box, a small hidden access hatch was created in the floor of the caboose. This access hatch opens up into the battery box compartment where the electrical switches and wiring will be located.

Beginning construction on the prototypical double hung windows for the caboose. These windows a 100% fully functional.

The completed slide ways for the double hung windows.


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