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Bobber Caboose Construction Photos Page 3

Bobber Caboose Construction
Page 3
March 2000 - January 2004

The following are images of the Bobber Caboose's Construction...

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Here we see all the hand crafted parts needed to construct the fully functional double hung windows as well as non-functional windows for the cupola

Initial assembly of the cupola windows

Completed cupola windows

Painted cupola windows

Here we see the mass of detail parts being prepared for installation on the Bobber Caboose's body.

The SuperScale Glad hands and Angle Cocks, as well as rear marker lights

These parts comprise the mounts and uncoupler bars that will be fully functional on the model

The Bobber is now starting to take shape. All windows have been installed as well as all hand railings test fitted.

Here again we see all parts, now removed after being test fitted. On to painting...

I sprayed the hand railings and metal detail parts first with Tamiya Metal Primer, which works beautifully for small detail parts. It is a metal etching primer that seals perfectly, allowing the Model Master paint to create a beautiful and flawless finish.

Complete disassembly of the Bobber, and a lot of masking of parts in preparation for painting



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