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Bobber Caboose Construction Photos Page 4

Bobber Caboose Construction
Page 4
March 2000 - January 2004

The following are images of the Bobber Caboose's Construction...

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The lower section of body as well as underframe detail was spray painted black, however, the battery box was kept body color

The paint was a standard polyurethane, color matched for "Uintah Railway Red"

The completed body, still without wheels installed after painting

Here we see the roof. The catwalks were painted Burnt Umber and Railroad Tie Brown. The roofing insulation is actually roofing shingle cut to fit and glued onto the roof.

Reassembly of the wheels and journals after painting. Here you can see the battery box, painted body color.

The Bobber Caboose features a full electrical system built into the battery box. The interior of the car is lit with 8 high intensity white 5mm LEDs. Each tail marker light has another white LED inside. There are also two working FREDs built into the rear end of the caboose. These run off a custom designed and created alternating blinking circuit which operates two 10mm high intensity red LEDs. All this is run using a simple 9v battery.

The control box featuring the master on/off switch as well as individual on/off switches for the tail lights, FREDs and interior lighting.

A side view of the completed Bobber Caboose, all that is still needed is lettering

All hand railings and detail parts were machined from bar stock, all hand made.

A shot of the rear of the Bobber. The two black boxes just under the roof overhang at the rear end are the custom made FREDs.

The following 4 photos illustrate the completed Bobber Caboose



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