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November 18 , 2005

Added new section called "Living Desert Garden Railroad"

Pages Added:

March 2002
April 2003
March 2004

This site passed 2600 visitors today! This site has been online for almost 20 months!


August 28, 2005

Added new section called "1:1 Train Photos From around the World"

Pages Added:

Colorado Railroad Museum
London and Scotland Railroad Photos
Other Railroad Photos


August 27, 2008

Pages Added to "Models We Have Made" section:

Amtrak P-42 Locomotive
Automotive Carriers
Automotive Carrier Ramp
Container Lifter
Passenger Station Project
Warehouse Project
European Stone Arch Bridges


August 25, 2005

There will be no McDonnell Garden Railway Layout photos for Summer 2005. This is because we have done a MAJOR landscape project in the back yard. We have added a large fountain where the old pond was and removed the old waterfall. The train had to be removed in some spots during construction. The train will be run next year but remain torn apart for the winter.

Pages Added:

About the Railway
Sheldon's Want List


August 24, 2005

Added new section called "EXTRA"

Pages added:

Roster of trains
American Orient Express Models