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MHRR - Hartoy Trucks

Minnesota Heartland Railroad

S Scale Vehicles
Hartoy and Ertl Trucks
Revised May 5, 2002


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HARTOY (die-cast)

Early 30's MACK BM
Gene Musselman photos
Late 30's MACK CJ

1934 - 36(?) GMC T-70

1940's PETERBILT 260

The Peterbilt looks GOOD with the Aurora lo-boy.

Gene Musselman photo
The Hartoy Peterbilt looks real good with the S Helper Service piggyback trailers.  In many cities, piggyback trailers were delivered by local transfer companies rather than by railroad owned tractors.
1948 - 50 FORD F-5

Gene Musselman photo
1957 - 1993 FORD C

ERTL (die-cast) go to Page 4a
See for current production ERTL and other "big-rigs"