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Minnesota Heartland Railroad

S Scale Vehicles
Johnny Lightning and Ertl Cars and Small Trucks
Revised  October 24, 2003


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Johnny Lightning
Many JL cars are undersize.  The following are not undersize. 
JL has produced MANY vehicles that I have not seen, some of them might be correctly scaled. 
Please provide information on any other JL vehicles. 

mid-70's Dodge pickup

1965 Mustang

1965-66 Dodge A-100 pickup

50's Mopar

1958 Thunderbird

1958 Corvette

1957-61 Studebaker pickup

1957 Chev Cameo pickup

'56 Thunderbird

'56 Thunderbird Convertible

1955 Ford Panel Truck

50's Rambler (?) station wagon

1940 - 41 Ford pickup  -  Slightly smaller than the Racing Champs version; which one is "correct"????

Military Jeep

32 Ford


early '70's Chevrolet pickup 
(very similar to late '60's models)

70's (?) Ford Econoline Van

Jeep CJ-7

1957 Chevrolet convertible

1957 Chevrolet

1957 Ford Thunderbird (oversize)

1956 Ford Crown Victoria

1956 Chevrolet Nomad

1951 Chevrolet "fastback"

1950 Mercury 2 Door

1950 Ford convertible

1950's Chev pickup (undersize - compared to Racing Champs 1950 Chev pickup)           Prototype       RC          Ertl
height       6'-1"         6'-2"        5'-9"
width        6'-0"         6'-0"        5'-6"
length     15'-8"      15'-11"     15'-10"  

1950's Chev grain truck   (undersize - should be same size as Hartoy 1948 Ford) The cab on this truck is the same size as the ERTL pickup cab.
1930's Dick Tracy set (sizes vary)
I read that these cars were created for the movie using parts from several cars so that the cars would not be a replica of any real car, and therefore would not be subject to royalties.
  The Scenery Unlimited catalog identifies these as 1937 Plymouth, 1939 Chevrolet, 1936 Ford 5-window coupe, 1936 Ford Fordor.
Thomas the Tank auto 
(repaint of a Dick Tracy coupe)