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MHRR - Matchbox Superkings, Yatming, & RalstoyTrucks

Minnesota Heartland Railroad

S Scale Vehicles
Matchbox, Ralstoy, & Midgtoy Trucks
Revised February 24, 2002

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1960 - 64 Dodge A (Super Kings K-18) 
1960 - 64 Dodge C (Super Kings K-16)

Gene Musselman photo
1962 - 66 GMC (Super Kings K-4 )
The lettering on this early Winross trailer is "kitbashed"  Perhaps its prior owner worked for Wards!

Barry Hanson photos
Scammell Crane ( Super Kings K-12)
Early 60's Studebaker Station Wagon and Horse Trailer.  This trailer has been re-issued.  I have seen it in Target, etc. (in different paint). 
1919 - early 30's Mack AC
(correct for S scale per Don Thompson)

Thanks to Don Munsey for this photo.

Gene Musselman photos


1948 - 50 (?) Ford COE
This cab appears correct 1:64th scale.
The tires and trailer are oversize.
This cab would probably look good on a Hartoy chassis.
Generic Modern Moving Van
The size of this truck is correct for 1:64th scale.

Photo by Bill Fraley of a scene on his layout.


WWII Troop Carrier