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    Did you know that Nottingham had its own "Millionaires Row"?  For just a brief moment in time, our lakefront attracted some of the areas wealthiest families.  These homes were used  by the families for vacations and getaways.  These families included:  H.P McIntosh, the Widlars, John Sherwin, Timkens, Benjamin Rose, and Osbornes.  These names appear on maps from the turn of the century.  We have some further information and expect to publish more in our quarterly newsletters, so stay tuned.

    There are several ways to consider our local homes.  We can consider the home as a building; studying its design, its materials, its craftsmanship.  We can consider the property on which it was built.  We can consider the surrounding properties.   Were there developers and investors?  We can also consider the home as a home!  Who lived there?  What was their impact on this community?  

    Maps provide us invaluable information.  They often identify property owners, details about utilities, street names & addresses, and names & registry of sub divisions/allotments.  Some of Nottingham's key allotments include:  Eddy & Walworth, Bregenzer & Moses, N.F. Albee, Mary A, Jeffries, C.M. Mix, Berwick Sub., John Mozina Sub., St. Clair Park Allot., and St. Clair Hts. Sub.  Many of today's existing homes and streets are a direct result of these early plans.

    We have identified a few of our homes and provide a brief description of their history and importance.  This is just a beginning.   We will continue to gather information on our homes and their histories.  We welcome your information and any photos.  Nottingham has several "historic" homes within its borders.  Some we know of and some you know of.  We have been inspired by the recent efforts of the Euclid Landmark Commission to recognize their historic landmarks.  We will move forward by gathering information, surveying existing homes, and identifying existing resources & supports.  Enjoy what we have posted and contact us if you can be of assistance!



Lochdoon, Lakeshore ~1905

Current Nottingham Rd Residence

NUMC Parsonage, 1935.  Melville Rd