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    In 1828, Euclid Township began providing schools for its citizens.  In 1900, the Village of Nottingham began managing its own school system.  The village was growing quickly and Nottingham School needed to  expand.  In 1912, the City  of Cleveland annexed Nottingham and its school.   In 1959, Nottingham School was closed and two new schools began serving the neighborhood, Paul Bellamy Elementary and Hannah Gibbons Elementary.  Both of these schools were closed in the 1970's as enrollment decreased.  We are fortunate that Hannah Gibbons was recently re-opened with plans to expand in the near future.



    Beside these public schools, Nottingham has a rich history of private schools.  In 1877, Villa Angela was opened as a residential school for girls.  In 1892, St. Joseph's Seminary for Young Boys was opened.   In 1959, a new boys school, St. Joseph's High School was opened.  In 1990, Villa Angela and St Joseph's merged into Villa Angela/St. Joseph's High School,  with St Joseph's becoming home to both schools.  Near Villa Angela, St. John's of Nottingham Lutheran Church opened an elementary school.  The Historical Society is collecting information on  all of these schools.  Stay tuned and keep your eyes open for our next newsletter.



Did You Know??  Take a close look at the red brick building sandwiched between Congin's Pizza and the Ameritech building on Nottingham Road (just south of the intersection with St. Clair).  This was once a Euclid Township Red Brick School House.  Its school days ended long ago, having served the citizens of Euclid Township from around 1857 through  1886 when O.D. Lyons bought the school lot and building and remodeled it for a dwelling place. Today it's home to Finley Landscaping Service.


        Pictures,  maps and the original Township Minutes providing information of this and other Euclid Township Public Schools are on display at the Euclid Historical Society.

Euclid Township Public School

Nottingham School

Villa Angela

St. Joseph’s Seminary

Did you know Nottingham had its own newspaper? The Nottingham Citizen.  A Special Edition of the Nottingham Citizen is on display at Nottingham United Methodist Church highlighting the progress and status of Nottingham's Schools at that time -  March 15, 1901.  

 W.W. Dille offered these comments reflecting upon his recollections in 1901.

"Out of the ?Little Red Schoolhouse? have gone forth those  that have made efficient and successful teachers; good soldiers, lawmakers, tillers of the soil, builders of houses.  The various avocation to have received their full quota.  Brice Dille taught the first term therin.  Three of your villagers were his scholars.  A nephew of his taught the first term in the old brick house.  "And the half has not been told."  That's all."

     We welcome your recollections from your school days in Nottingham.  Whether you attended Old Nottingham School, O. H. Perry, or Hannah Gibbons, drop us a line, or share a picture.  Better yet, bring them to the next meeting.

Hannah Gibbons Elementary School

        Hannah Gibbons Elementary School began serving this community in 1960  Prior to then, our children attended Nottingham School, which was closed in 1959. With the Lakeland Freeway (I-90) dividing the neighborhood, we needed a school south of the highway.  In the late seventies, Hannah Gibbons,  along with Paul Bellamy, William H. Brett, and Memorial School, was closed as the school system reacted to decreasing enrollment and decreasing revenue.   Mike Polensek, our city councilman, noted the effect of these closings on our community  "those closings took a toll on the community as thousands of families left for the eastern suburbs."  

        The Nottingham area is fortunate, as Hannah Gibbons was re-opened in the late 90's. Recent plans by the school district, call for a doubling of its capacity   A core team is working with district planners to move forward with this plan.  The core team includes:  Barbara Mullaly, Janet Morrow, Jo Walker, Richard Freeman, Mary Louise Anne Jesek Daley, Yolanda Anderson, Councilman Polensek, Frances Paster, and Rev. Debbie Gibbons.  The district is committed to creating PreK through 8th grade schools throughout the district.  

        Charlene Williams is beginning her 7th year as Principal at Hannah Gibbons.  Goals for the school year include: improving student achievement, making our school safer, increasing attendance, and improving involvement with  the community.  Community members are encouraged to:  attend open houses, volunteer, tutor, register and vote to support school issues and consider yourself part of the village needed to raise a child.  Contact Eloise Turnbow at 216-383-5111 and find out how you can help!

        We look forward to the redevelopment and improvements underway at Hannah Gibbons.  Schools are an integral part of the backbone of a community.  We look forward to more historical information and stories from those who have attended school in Nottingham.  Share your experience!