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Steam Locomotives of the Canadian Locomotive Company
Part 1

Diminutive narrow gauge (42") Toronto & Nipissing no.6 Uxbridge just out-shopped early in 1871
by CE&M was one of an order of six 4-4-0's delivered to the T&NR. Cyl. 11x18 drv. 42"
Note the four-wheel tender.
CLC/photographer unknown/ Bill Thomson/Kingston Pump House Museum collection.

Credit Valley 19 J L Morrison 4-4-0 16x24 cyl. 69" drv. #234 10/1881 (Re# CPR 186 8/84)
18 and 19 believed to be the first engines with Westinghouse air brakes for cars (only).

Kingston & Pembroke 10 W C Caldwell 18x26 cyl. 62" drv. #327 8/87. Pictures of K&P engines are rare. This one is of a single-engine order and was only the fourth 2-6-0 Mogul built at Kingston. Equipped with link and pin couplers and an air brake on the engine only. Became CPR 3003 with acquisition of the "Kick and Push." CLC/Fritz Lehmann collection.

Star 0-4-0T Cyl.12x16 Drv.38" 150 lbs. 7726 t.e. 22-ton CLC #559 5/02 Don Mc. Queen Collection

HS&I 6 0-6-0T Cyl. 17x24 drv. 50" press. 180 lbs. t.e. 21,200 #877 6/09
Light weight 45 tons, working order 54 tons. coal 1.5 tons water 850 gals.
CLC-Henderson/Don McQueen collection.

HS&I 3

Here is the same engine many years later. Note the extended saddle tank and feedwater heater.
Bay City Railway Historical Foundation


CPR 1613 2-8-0 Cyl. 21x28 Drv. 57" 200 lbs. t.e. 37% Eng.143 tons, total working 156 tons. #631 9/04
This order of ten (1610-1619) Consolidation type engines was the first built in Canada with the Schmidt superheater. Note the piston valves. It followed a CPR test in 1901 on Ten-Wheeler 548, which was the first superheated steam locomotive in the Western Hemisphere. CLC-Henderson/Don McQueen collection.
(Re# 3413 9/12)

IRC 316 one of twelve (401-412) 4-6-2's these were the first Pacific types built in Canada.
Cyl. 21x28 Drv. 72" Press. 200 lbs. t.e 29% Working Eng. 94 tons total weight 155 tons. #655 4/05
CLC/Don McQueen collection. Became CNR 5503

CNR 5509 (ex ICR 410) still around and little changed more than thirty years later. Levis, August 26, 1936.
Orin P. Maus

CPR 706 D10a #685 8/17/1905

One of the most popular wheel arrangements was the 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler of which hundreds were built for many railways. The CPR had hundreds of D6, D9 and D10 class built by many builders including CLC, MLW, and their own Angus shops in Canada along with Schenectady Locomotive Works, Richmond Locomotive & Machine Works in the United States but, not the famous Baldwin Locomotive Works, although CPR did have other classes built by them. North British Locomotive Company in Glasgow, Scotland and Saxon Locomotive Building Company in Chemnity, Germany also built engines at a time when North American builders were busy. Specifications were very similar for all of them including 63" drivers that were capable of 60 miles per hour or higher and a good 33,300 pounds of tractive effort and a total weight in working order of 155 tons. D9's were used on passenger trains in the early part of the 20th. Century while large numbers of D-10's worked branchline way freights and yard switching late in the steam era.

CPR 670-684 Cyl. 21x28 Drv.63" 200# 33,000 t.e. #723 5/1906

Freshly outshopped from Ogden backshops is D10 class 672 still with Stephenson valve gear. c.1950's
A.H. (Alf) Coverdale/Collection of R.L.Kennedy

CPR 1095 (CLC #1131 10/13) part of last order for 25 (1087-1111) Ten Wheeler 4-6-0's built in 1913.
Displayed in its home town of Kingston, Ontario next to the CPR station in downtown.
W. J. L. Gibbons



TEM 151 0-6-0 Cyl. 19x26 drv.50" t.e. 32% eng wt. 103 tons. #747 11/06 one of only four 0-6-0's built for the T&NO in two orders of two each in 1906 and 1909. CLC-Henderson/Don McQueen collection.

Sister engine 150 Re#854 was sold in December 1941 to Abitibi Power & Paper Co. in Iroquois Falls, Ontario as their number 60 and in 1951 went to Mattagami Railroad 101 before finally being scrapped in July 1951. 153 was sold in June 1941 to Normetal Mining Corp. for their non-common carrier Normetal Railway and resold in 1946 to Manitoba Paper Co. in Pine Falls.


CNoR 176 4-6-0 Cyl. 18x24 Drv. 63" 200 lbs. t.e. 21% Working eng. wt. 69 tons #756 5/07
National Archives of Canada PA-203707

Brand new Ten Wheeler is posed at Parry Sound in June 1907. One of an order from Canadian Northern of 15 Ten Wheelers for its subsidiaries, 11 for CNoR, and 2 each for Canadian Northern Quebec and Halifax & South Western, all part of the Mackenzie and Mann Empire. Photographs of engines lettered for Canadian Northern Ontario are rare; most photos just show Canadian Northern. It became CNR 1236.

COR 17 4-6-0 Cyl. 18x24 Drv. 57" 190 lbs. Engine weight 60 tons #789 12/07
CLC-Henderson/Don McQueen collection.

An order of four engines for Central Ontario, part of the Rathbun empire before it was sold off in 1912 to the Canadian Northern this engine eventually become Canadian National 1027.

QC 30 4-4-0 Cyl.18x24 Drv. 63" 180 lbs. Engine weight 57 tons 19% t.e #799 1/08
CLC-Henderson/Don McQueen collection.

This engine and sister 31 were the last two 4-4-0's built by CLC and among the last of any built of this obsolete wheel arrangement. Pre-CPR standard design.

More than forty years later 31 is little changed in appearance. It was sold in March 1937 to John Breakey Ltd. for their non-common carrier railway Chaudiere Valley shown here 9-23-49 in Breakeyville, Quebec.
Charles E. Winters/Old Time Trains Archives

Chaudiere Valley was a short connecting track from the John Breakey Ltd. mill to the CNR. They owned another 4-4-0, (ex GTR) that became CNR 40 on the 1950's Museum Train that travelled across Canada.

O'Brien, Fowler and McDougall Bros. (contractors) 11, 2-6-0 Cyl. 18x24 drv. 50" pres. 180 t.e. 23,800 working order weight 105 tons . #912 10/09 Became CGR 4506 when acquired in March 1916 and in 1919,
CNR 422 CLC-Henderson/Don McQueen collection. Little changed after 30 years, the engine is stored in Moncton, January 1, 1939. In October 1939 it was sold to Malagash Salt Company in Malagash, Nova Scotia.
Collection of Al Paterson.

One of two identical engines delivered in October 1909 for construction work on the National Transcontinental between Cochrane and Winnipeg.

GTR 1015 2-6-0 Cyl. 19x26 Drv. 62" Press.180 t.e. 23,200 engine weight 70 tons working order 134 tons #928 4/10 CLC/Don.McQueen collection. Engine 1012 became 90.

CNR 90 E-10 Class Cyl 21x26 Drv. 63" pres.170 t.e 26,300 eng. Wt 71-tons working order, eng and tender 140 tons Tender 14 tons 5,200 gals.Simcoe, Ontario c.1950's Cyril Butcher/Don Mc.Queen Collection

These engines and many other CNR ones retained their Stephenson valve gear to the end, unlike CPR which standardized on Walschaerts.

One of 25 Mogul type 2-6-0's delivered in 1910, nineteen of which were later modernized with superheating and eventually other features that drastically altered their appearance. They were equipped with a Casey-Cavin power reverser. Very capable little engines some of these survived into the last years of steam and became familiar sights on Ontario branchlines, many being saved from scrap to be displayed and some (89, 91, and 92) even being restored to operation on tourist railways in the United States.

CNR 83 leaving Port Dover with Mixed 235 for Hamilton passes
GRR 624 interurban car about to leave LE&N station for Brantford. April 8,1955 J.Wm.Hood

CNR 86 on the Owen Sound Way Freight from Palmerston at Chesley July 1957. Don Wood


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