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Railway Equipment Dealers and Brokers.
Contract shops, Lease units etc.

See also: Leasers, demonstrators, rebuilders, dealers, etc.


AMT Transport, Montreal

Andrew Merrilees Ltd. Toronto,ON and Laval, Que.

Bellequip, Montreal

H. Broer Equipment, Alymer, ON

CLN Industries, Charny, QC

CANDO Contracting, various locations

Canada Allied Diesel, CAD, Montreal

CANAC, Montreal
(Sold to Savage)

Canadian Railserve

Diesel Electric Services, Sudbury

Ennis-Paikin Steel, Hamilton

Lambton Diesel Specialists, LDS, Sarnia

NRE-Alco, Capreol, ON

Savage Services Corp. St.Laurent, QC

S.G. Paikin see Ennis-Paikin

Precision National Mt.Vernon, IL

Plusar, Inc. (div. of Znidar Bros.)

Prairie Rail Solutions Winnipeg

RB Railway Group, Montreal

Tractive Power North Vancouver

United Railway Supply, Montreal

Znidar Bros. Equipment, Toronto & Mississauga



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