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This is an Index to all the signal diagrams and other drawings held in the RailWest site about the railways of the West Country, including some which are not included in other pages on the site. Click on the appropriate red button in order to view the relevant image. Each image will open in a new window - just close that window to return to this Index. Any links in the captions will take you to related information pages.

Signal Diagrams



Bere Alston Diagram circa-1960 (complete installation)
Diagram circa-1968 (after closure to Tavistock)
Bailey Gate Diagram for 1900 temporary installation during doubling
Diagram for 1905 after removal of junction
Diagram for 1930
Diagram for 1932 after addition of Down Siding No2
Diagram for 1955 after addition of United Dairies Siding
Bailey Gate Crossing Diagram for gate box in 1905
Diagram as block-post with new Admiralty sidings circa-1915
Diagram as gate box circa-1930 after 1923 siding alterations
Bradford Crossing Diagram circa-1960 (50%-size BR(WR) office copy)
Callington Diagram circa-1960
Calstock Diagram circa-1965
Chard (Joint/Central) Diagram circa-1930
Chilcompton Diagram for 1878 (old signal-box)
Corfe Mullen Junction Diagram for new signal-box and junction in 1905
Diagram after junction alterations in 1933
Corfe Mullen Siding Diagram  for "Carter's Siding" ground-frame circa-1930
Downside Siding Diagram for Downside Siding ground-frame in 1900
Edington Junction Diagram circa-1930
Evercreech Jcn North Diagram circa-1949
Exeter West Diagram for old frame (pre-1959) (courtesy John Hinson)
Diagram for new frame (post-1959) (courtesy John Hinson)
Glastonbury Diagram for old signal-box 1878
Diagram for new signal-box 1901
Diagram for 1930 after layout alterations
Diagram for BR period circa-1963
Gunnislake Diagram circa-1965
Hatch Diagram for BR period
Halwill Junction Diagram for BR period (courtesy Signalling Record Society)
Ilminster Diagram for BR period
Lake Crossing Sketch of ground-frame signal diagram for this S&DJR location
Masbury Diagram for 1892 doubling (new signal-box)  
Diagram post-1912 (lever-frame re-numbering)
Diagram for 1930 (includes GF for 1928 Down Siding extension)
Diagram for 1949
Midford Diagram for 1892 doubling to Wellow (new signal-box)
Diagram for BR period (mid-1950s)
Midsomer Norton (South) Diagram for 1906
Diagram for 1907
Diagram for 1949
Diagram for BR period
Diagram for both GFs in BR period
Paignton Diagram from former (South) signal-box, in SDR Museum at Buckfastleigh
Pinhoe Diagram for 1950 (reduced BR(SR) office copy with locking-table) (courtesy Paul Carter)
Pylle Diagram for 1891 (new passing-loop)
Shillingstone Diagram for 1878 (old frame)
Diagram for 1901 (old frame)
Diagram for 1902 (new frame)
Diagram for 1930 (extended frame)
Diagram circa-1960
Diagram mid-1965
Spetisbury Diagram for original 1901 installation
Templecombe No 3 Jcn Diagram for 1902 (new signal-box)
Thorne (Thornfalcon) Diagram circa-1900
Wellow Diagram for 1886 addition of Down Siding (first signal-box)
Diagram for 1892 doubling to Midford (second signal-box)
Diagram for 1894 doubling to Radstock (third signal-box)
Diagram for 1930 after alterations
Diagram circa-1950
Wells 'A' Diagram circa-1920 (old frame)
Diagram circa-1930 (old frame)
Diagram circa-1950 (courtesy Signalling Record Society)
Wells East Somerset Diagram pre-1951 (courtesy Signalling Record Society)
Wells Tucker Street Diagram post-1936 (courtesy Signalling Record Society)
West Pennard Diagram for 1891 (new signal-box)
Winsor Hill Diagram for 1892 doubling (new signal-box)
Diagram for 1900 (opening of Downside Siding)
Diagram for 1939
Wimborne Junction Diagram circa-1915 for the S&DJR 'Wimborne Loop' box
Miscellaneous Items
Clandown Branch Map of the S&DJR Clandown Branch circa-1900 (courtesy Chris Handley)
ETT 7A Patent Patent drawings for Tyers No 7A ETT Instrument
Glastonbury Plan of the station in 1904 (courtesy Somerset & Dorset Railway Trust)
Southern Railway Timetable - 1947 Waterloo to West of England in six pages 1 2 3 4 5 6
Tokenless Block Diagram of simplified circuit for BR(WR) Tokenless Block

All diagrams and drawings on RailWest are © CJL Osment or from the WCRA collection unless credited otherwise

Signal Diagrams Miscellaneous Items