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S&DJR Wrong-Road Signals (Error)
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S&DJR 'Wrong-Road' Signals

The Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway had a few examples of 'wrong-road' signals, with semaphore arms constructed in an elongated 'X' shape. It is often stated that these signals were unique to the S&DJR, but that is incorrect.

This pattern of signal was a feature of the signalling contractors Stevens, who did many of the S&DJR installations, and it appeared also on other railways equipped by them (including the London & South Western Railway). It is believed that about 5 examples of these 'wrong-road' signals existed on the S&DJR at various times, but only 3 survived into British Railways days. As these were at the 'popular' locations of Midford and Evercreech Junction, they do appear in many photographs.

More details about these S&DJR signals can be found on a separate page on RailWest.

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