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Canadian Railway Telegraph History

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YEAR Produced
Ice Cold In Alex
(aka Desert Attack)
German spy (Quayle), posing as a South Afrikaan Captain, uses a wireless Morse transmitter to send position of British Red Cross vehicle to Germans while crossing desertJohn Mills, Anthony Quayle, Sylvia SimsJ Lee Thompson1958N
Ill Met By Moonlight
(UK Title: Night Ambush)
short Morse signal lamps
.update: It features the wonderful line: "Sandy, do you know morse?"-"Morse who?"
Dirk BogardeMichael Powell1957Y
update Rhabyn S
Title update: Steve C
In Harm's Waytwo short Morse signal lamps
. several sound and visual scenes with TTY & morse in background
John Wayne, Kirk DouglasOtto Preminger1965Y
In SpaceTV Series (Sci-Fi Channel) Morse telemetry is heard from a HAM radio satellite & also downlink Morse from a HAM station--1997na
George B, WA5HRC
Independence Daymilitary was sending battle plans using old Navy knob brass key - the Morse was intercepted by ham ops & revealed that a major military response was comingJudd HirschRoland Emmerich1996Y
update, Ron H AH6RH
Indiana Jones & The Last Crusadeto escape & undo the ropes holding Indy & his dad in chairs, Indy hits the fireplace's secret latch & the entire hearth & fireplace wall rotates 180 degrees around where they now face into the German communications room where Morse is being transmitted in the backgroundHarrison Ford, Sean ConnerySteven Spielberg1989Y
Dwight, W6AR
Inside The Third Reichvery brief scene near end where Hitler & staff are walking into bunker you can hear faint Morse & German op receiving codeRutger Hauer, Derek Jacob, Jogn GielgudMarvin J Chomsky1982Y
Inspector MorseTV Series on A&E
  • Morse mixed with music sent over closing credits
  • sometimes a clue to the murderer
  • to repeat the main character's name (Morse, of course!)
  • John ThawPeter Hammond & many others1991-6N
    Bryan T N8OOF & Gladys/Greg F
    Iron ButterflyMusic - instrumental song by Psychedelic music group Iron Butterly on their Heavy album released 1968-title is Iron Butterfly Theme-at the end of the song the organist taps out "I love You" in Morse codeIron Butterfly GroupLabel: Atco Catalog: #33-227 Release yr:19681968Y
    Frank S, AC3P
    Iron HorseTV Series - several scenes in various episodes with morse from private car (portable), trackside & in stations with agents wearing correct dressDale Robertson, Gary Collins, Ellen BurstynSamuel Fuller1966-68N
    Iron Horse, Therestored movie version - when historic message "DONE" is sent to President Grant it signifies the Transcontinental railroad is finished, the piano plays it in International CodeGeorge O'Brien, Madge BellamyCecil B. DeMille1924?
    Richard W, KW0U
    Johnny Got His Guna soldier goes off to fight in WWI & is horribly wounded; in order to communicate with the outside world he uses Morse code in a most "unusual" manner ever appearing in a film (film not for the faint of heart)Timothy Bottoms, Marsha Hunt, Donald SutherlandDalton Trumbo1971Y
    Richard S
    Johnstown Flood, Theflood warnings & emergency codesJanet Gaynor, Florence Gilbert, George O'BrienIrving Cummings1926Y
    Journey Into Fearcode herd from speaker during scene in Turkish police stnJoseph Cotton, Orson WellesNorman Foster, Orson Welles1942Y
    Richard, KW0U
    Journey To The Center Of The Earth (1959 Movies)Mason & Boone are trapped in a feather bind when they hear tapping Morse Code / they try to decode & reply without luck / moments later they discover it is Gertrude the duck pecking at feedJames Mason, Pat BooneHenry Levin1959Y
    Kansas Pacifictwo very readable scenes - 1: opening scenes from combi-car of sounder - 2: of Rebels listening in on the wire as supplies are ordered - however, in both scenes although the Morse is excellent, it does not relate to the actual messages being received / further, first movie to have a lady op but she only receives! / town op dressed with eye shades, sleeve protectors, pocket watch - looks great!Sterling Hayden, Eve Miller, Barton MacLaneRay Nazarro1953Y
    Key, Thecaptain of a deep sea rescue tugboat during WWII must go out in a sub infested waters to rescue a merchant ship that does not know that it is supposed to maintain radio silence - clear code heard that goes well with the actionWilliam Holden, Sophia Loren, Trevor HowardCarol Reed1958Y
    Wilfred G
    Khartoum3 short scenes with telegraph sound & straight key - Morse gibberish but effectively used in scenesCharleton Heston, Laurence Olivier, Richard JohnsonBasil Dearden1966N
    Kids 4 Kidscrystal clear Morse in background urging people to contribute to kids with disabilities-680 News Ad broadcast - Toronto, Ontario2018N
    King Kong (1976 remake)hear MAYDAY 3 times from radio room on board ship & Morse code in background in two scenes (fax scene also)Jeff Bridges, Jessica LangJohn Guillermin1976Y
    Dwight, W6AR
    Krakatoa, East of Java (aka Volcano)when the volcano is about to blow a lighthouse keeper sends a message using a straight keyMaximilian Schell, Diane Baker, Brian KeithBernard Kowalski1969Y
    Richard W, KW0U
    LancerTV Series - early episodes reportedly have odd town scene with Morse from railway stationAndrew Dugganvarious (20th Century-Fox produces)1968-70?
    Land GirlsTV Series - Episode 13 ends with brief portable wireless scene and the hidden operator keying only an 'I' - scene abruptly ends
    . Episode 11 has more Morse and wireless scenes but Morse basically jibberish
    Becci Gemmell, Susan Cockson, Sophie WardIan Barber2011Y
    LaramieTV Series - odd episode from stagecoach stationJohn Smith & Robert Fullervarious1959-63?
    Last of the Summer WineTV Series - Episode 'Come in Sunray Major' (1990) - Foggy makes Compo and Clegg carry two WWII radios and the musical score several times emphasizes very clearly Morse S O S with the oboe, clarinet, harmonicaBill Owen, Peter Sallis, Brian Wilde, Kathy Staffvarious over the years - this episode Alan JW Bell1973-2010CD/DVD
    Lawrence of Arabiaafter the raid at Aqaba, Morse is heard briefly in the background; Lawrence then tests the circuit but it goes dead-"There's a pity!"Peter O'Toole, Alec Guiness, Anthony Quayle, Omar SharifDavid Lean1962Y
    Leon's FurnitureTV Commercial??Jan 1997n
    Little House on the PraireTV Series, odd episodeMichael LandonvariousnaY
    Lloyds of LondonTo get messages during the Napoleonic Wars a Lloyds insurer (Power) invents what he calls a "telegraph." It's a series of telescopes that look at distant towers where messages are spelled out in big lettersFreddie Bartholomew, Guy Standing, Tyrone Power, Madeline CarrollHenry King1936Y
    Richard W, KW0U
    Live and Let DieJames Bond enters a hotel room & after using a gadget to sweep it for bugs (& finding some), opens the back of a hairbrush revealing an antenna & key; aiming it out the window he proceeds to tap out a messageRoger Moore, Jane Seymour, Yaphet KottoGuy Hamilton1973Y
    Ian B
    London Ruft Nordpol
    (aka: The House of Intrique)
    'North Pole' is a secret code word for an English spy who was captured by the Germans in WWII - lots of scenes with German & British CW ops at work & code - good scenes with receivers & transmitters alsoCurd Juergens, albert Lieven, Dawn Addams, Rene DeltgenDuilio Coletti1956?
    Franz Matschl-Uhlig
    Long Voyage Home, TheCaptain of the Glencairn signals Morse using flashlight (TGIID)John Wayne, Barry FitzgeraldJohn Ford1940Y
    Longest Day, Theplanes carrying paratroops signed invasion fleet with their lights sending VVVV in Morse
    also the tympani, using a pedal point, beats out V throughout film & 2 clear but short scenes with Morse signal lamp while at sea
    John Wayne, Robert MichumKen Annakin, Andrew Marton, Bernhard Wicki1963Y
    Wayne R, AB5PQ
    Looking Glass WarInteresting use of code groups as background while bureaucrats discuss the doomed spy sending them. They become more musical and turn into a scream as man is shotChristopher Jones, Pia Degemark, Ralph Richardson, Anthony HopkinsFrank Pierson1970Y
    Richard W, KW0U
    Lost Expressgroup of men kidnap the president of a railroad and hold him prisoner on a deserted sidingHelen HolmesLewis Film Service1940N
    Lost LinersHistory Television (Canada) - some excellent static photographics of Titantic morse radio room and Empress of Ireland - morse sound effect poor but can hear SS or SO(s?)docudramaBob Ballard (National Geographic)1997Y
    Lost SquadronPBS Documentary - SOS sent in Morse from a lost squadron that crash lands on a Greenland ice field during WWIINarr:Neal Moore; pilot of P38 Frank Scheide, Harry Smithwriter/producer: Larry Foley1997N
    George B, WA5HRC
    Lost In Spaceremake movie of TV series - one scene has Dr Smith pounding DANGER (in accurate but poor morse timing!) on pipe to Will; Will's 'robot' says "...sounds like old Morse code..."William Hurt, Heather Graham, Mimi RogersStephen Hopkins1998Y
    Lusitania: Murder On The AtlanticA&E Documentary
    . telegram: SUBMARINE ACTIVE OFF SOUTH SHORE OF COAST OF IRELAND & straight key seen working wireless but dubbing Morse gibberish
    . bug scene with gibberish code - sent: COME AT ONCE. STRONG LIST. POSTION 10 MILES SOUTH KINSDALE
    . late scene shows Captain in water and a naval(?) straight key with SOS effect (only accurate sound)
    actual survivors interviewedMary Jo Peltier1997Y


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