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Canadian Railway Telegraph History

Movie Titles Q to T BELOW


YEAR Produced
Raid On Rommel. use of Morse signal lamp as British ships bomb Tobruk (hard to read)
. as movie ends hear weak Morse in background as Edward R Murro talks about successful bombing raid
Richard Burton, John Colicos, Wolfgang PreissHenry Hathaway1971Y
Railroadersscenes of CPR Glacier railway station - inside op using key & telephone coded ringers (no sound) - other scenes include rail walkers, old hand cars, CPR 'The Canadian,' switch tenders, Rogers Pass & CPR 4033actual CPR employeesNational Film Board of Canada1957N
Railway Station Man, Theuse of signal hut bells for passenger train and staff systemJulie Christie, Donald SutherlandMichael Whyte1993Y
Rasputin - The Mad MonkBiography on A&ERasputinBram RoosMarch 1997Y
Rat Patrol, TheTV series - one show has Private Pettigrew clicking nonsense Morse over radio transmitter
- another episode Troy sends Morse in code - sound is good but his keying is dreadful as nothing makes sense (another good example of poorly done Morse sound)
Christopher George, Gary Raymond, Lawrence CaseyvariousSept 1966-Sept 1968N
RawhideTV SeriesClint EastwoodCharles Marquis Warren1959-66Y
Real Inglorious Bastards, Theseveral good and accurate Morse wireless scenes of sound, setsFred Mayer, Patrick O'Donnell, Hans Wijnberg, Robert Nolan et alMin Sook Lee2012Y
Red Tent, Theseveral excellent scenes & good sound for decoding Morse from the airship 'Italia' as it makes its way to the North Pole - reports latitude & longtitude mostlySean Connery, Claudia Cardinale, Peter FinchMikhail K Kalatozov1970Y
Remembering Canada At War - 6 Part SeriesMorse seen & heard on Canadian navial ships - ships sending SSS SSS SSS to indicate UBoat sightings - several other sequences & scenes of Morse operational training and use from ships & planes - fabulous war serieshistorical documentaryRichard Neilsen1995Y
Return of Frank James, The-Henry FondaArthur Hilton1939Y
Ribbons of Steel - Alberta Railway MuseumLife Channel - Jim Munsey demonstrates use of bug for train orders/sketch history of telegraph in CanadaJim Munsey, Harry Home (CNR 6060)Joseph Metzmeg1997N
Richard III (1995)Morse heard & soldier seen using a straight key just before a tank rolls through the wall & other soldiers start shooting everyone in the roomIan McKellan, Annette BeningRichard Loncraine1995Y
Dwight, W6AR
RielCBC Production of Riel's life - Morse heard when news sent of Riel's Provisional Government being accepted by MacdonaldRaymond Cloutier, Leslie Neilson, Barry Morse, Christopher Plummer, William ShatnerGeorge Bloomfield1980N
Road to Avonlea, TheCBC TV Seriesnavarious1993?
Roar of the RailsTV Series - 15 minutes per episodenavarious1948-9?
Roswell Coverups and Close EncountersYou will hear 'VVV VVV' in code just before the AM radio voice telling you about a downed UFO??19???
Dwight W, W6AR
Royal Caribbean Cruise Linescommercial for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines to be a promo for their sponsorship of the Superbowl Halftime show in 1998...we worked on one concept and built some "test" spots using Morse...spots were simple: ship in the background, with full-up Morse audio & the text being translated as type on the screen. The message was basically "Stay tuned for the Royal Caribbean/Celebrity Cruise Lines Halftime Show". I recorded the code myself, using the keyer in my Icom 706. I mixed in some 40 meter background noise. This was a 10 second promo & I discovered that I was only going to be able to send a small part of the message without going upwards of 40 wpm. This is why some of the "cheating" with Morse in the movies has to happen... it just takes too long to send real copy. The text being typed on-screen had to move swiftly to be completed before the 10 seconds were up. Unfortunatly, the concept was killedRoyal Cruise Lines?1998N
Gary P, KN4AQ
Rio Loboexcellent opening morse scenes of keys, sounder, sound, clear code, telegraph lines, operator dress & some fabulous steam railroad photography - very authentic!John WayneHoward Hawks1970Y
Run Silent, Run DeepClark Gable becomes the captain of a submarine that Burt Lancaster was to command / sub sets out from Pearl Harbor to destroy a Japanese cruiserClark Gable, Burt LancasterRobert Wise1958Y
Anthony F, WN6Q
SabaruTV Commercial - Morse heard in the background of a voice transmission from base camp to the Subaru driver--1997N
George B, WA5HRC
Sacrifice At Pearl HarbourA&E Documentary - deals with radio intercepts before WWII that pointed to the attack on Pearl Harbour-BBC Productions1992?N
George B, WA5HRC
Santa FeScene in telegraph office where operator overhears message being sent to rival railroadRandolph Scott, James Carter, Jerome Courtland-1951N
Richard W, KW0U
Santa Fe Trail. Morse telegram sent: 18 CITIZENS OF HARPERS FERRY KILLED 33 WOUNDED BY JOHN BROWNS INVADERS IN OPEN REBELLION (code very hard to hear)
. excellent scene with operator wearing traditional eye shades & arm bands, plus sounder, relays, key
Errol Flynn, Ronald Reagan, Alan Hale Sr, Raymond MasseyMichael Curtiz1940Y
Scorched Earthseveral visual scenes & jibberish morse of cracking codes before & during WWIIWWII documentary?1987N
Duncan Campbell Scott:The Poet & The Indians(docudrama TVO and HistoryTelevison(Canada)) good slow Morse heard with several telegram visuals but code doesn't match messages - code ends with 'SHE'RH ThompsonJames Cullingham1995N
Sea Chase, Theone clear scene with Morse signal lamp from British destroyer signaling: WARJohn Wayne, Lana Turner, James ArnessJohn Parrow1955Y
Sea TalesA&E documentary - Episode: Dunkirk Rescue, The - Morse signal lamps used between navy ships as advance to Dunkirk to rescue Canadian, British, French & Begian troops off Dunkirk beachvariousMelissa Jo Peltier1997Y
Sea TalesA&E documentary - Episode: Halifax Explosion, The - *excellent* recreation & interviews of the explosion in Halifax Harbor 06 Dec. 1917 - Vincent P Coleman redramatized with Morse key but message sent incorrect - see also Vincent P Coleman - Movies A to HvariousMelissa Jo Peltier1997Y
Sea TalesA&E documentary - Episode: USS Maine - Morse heard in background as describe telegram sent by Captain about the explosion & sinking of The MainevariousJim Milio1997Y
Sea TalesA&E documentary - Episode: Morro Castle - key & sound heard sending SOS about fire on board ship / radio op hailed as hero for standing by post but later, after investigation, charged with attempted murdervariousMelissa Jo Peltier1997Y
Sea TalesA&E documentary - Episode: Story of U110 (capture of the Enigma)variousPatrick Tull (narr)1996/7Y
Sea Wolves, Thenear end of film, Peck is hunting for radio room & German code books on German ship - Germans begin transmitting wireless Morse on naval key sending EIEIEEEI - they state in German that they are not being receivedGregory Peck, Roger Moore, David Niven, Trevor Howard, Barbara Kellerman, Patrick MacneeAndrew V McLaglen1980Y
Sealed Cargoabout a Nazi square rigger supplying Nazi subs off coast of Canada - in one scene a Nazi agent is tuning up a transmitter & the procedure look accurate and Morse sounds goodDana Andrews, Claude RainsAlfred L Werker1951N
Secret AgentTV series - John Drake (Patrick McGoohan) tapping out message in morse out a windowPatrick McGoohanvarious1961-6N
Elliot C
Secret Service-nananana
Secrets of the TitanicNational Georgraphic Society - story of Dr Ballard's search & discovery of Titanic - dive scene of 'Alvin' where 'Atlantis II' answered by single Morse R instead of sonar voicedocumentaryNat Geo Soc1987Y
Charlie C, KA8OQF
Secrets of World War II (series)advertising for series on History Channel (Canada) & opening title sequences concludes with Morse key clicking awayTV series on History Channel (Canada)various1998N
Sergeant Rutledgeno morse sound but some excellent scripting about telegrams, & agent gard (although scene has him dead)Woody Strode, Jeffrey Hunter, Constance Towers1960Y
Silver StreakTrain journey to deliver an iron lung to a Nevada town - ineffective use of Morse (not related to 1979 Movie)Sally Blaine, Charles StarrettThomas Atkins1934Y
Ships With Wingsa drama set around HMS Ark Royal in WWII & the first Royal Navy pilots to fly from aircraft carriers; lots of good propaganda showing how the Royal Navy is always the best - with morse they're testing a new spitfire & when they check what altitude it can reach for some reason they can't use voice when they're very high (oxygen masks & helmets without radio?) so they report their altitude with a morse key.John Clements, Leslie Banks, Michael Rennie & Jane BaxterSergei Nolbandov1941?
Steve C
Signal TowerMorse, signal bells, train whistles BUT all silent film worksilent filmMetropolitian Motion Picture Co1928N
Simon & Simon (TV Series)episode with Peter Graves as a news caster announcer & gibberish Morse in backgroundJames Parker, Gerald McRaney, Eddie Barth, Peter GravesseveralNov 1981-Dec 1988N
Simon & Simon (TV Series)TV Series - episode on Toxic Waste - after crimnals shoot the telephone and damage the mouthpiece, Rick Simon sends SOS to the police department so it can be tracedJameson Parker, Gerald McRaney, Eddie BarthseveralNov 1981-Dec 1988N
Sink The Bismarck! (movie)excellent opening scene with old WWII key but poor acting & sound dubbing (although sound excellent)
. also 3 short Morse signal lamps
Kenneth More, Dana WynterLewis Gilbert1960Y
Sink the Bismarck (documentary)wireless Morse used in following scenes:
. 20 May 1941 - worry about the commerce ship raids to England
. 21 May 1941 - decoding British code
. 22 May 1941 - wireless radio room effect
. 24 May 1941 - British Morse naval signal lamp signs message "HOOD SUNK"
. 25 May 1941 - HMS Suffolk keys "LOST BISMARCK" - Bismarck also sends unimportant wireless messages allowing British to re-find Bismarck
. Resistance fighters radio in a report on its location
A&E Docudrama - A&E Productions LtdRobert Kirk1996Y - update D Cox, AA3EK
Six Million Dollar Man, TheCol. Austin flying a Ryan Navion along with General & 2 passengers; they run into severe weather and lose the ability to transmit. During crisis you hear BXY in background presumably from ground station. Also, to communicate with the tower Austin (incorrectly) uses the IDENT button on the transponder to tap out morse code. (NOTE: Dan's a pilot & adds the show was beset with a million technical errors!)Lee Majors, Richard Andersonvarious1973-78Y
Dan S, AA70A
Some Famous Beginningsseveral visual scenes of morse during 1940ssponsored by YMCAMotion Picture Bureau1937?N
Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Emtheme song was based on its title in Morse codeMichael CrawfordBBC19??N
Somme 1916: Both Sides of the WireThree part Series - Part 2: two brief scenes of World War One wireless Morse with rare footage from the British bi-planes where the key is mounted on the side of the plane not in the cockpit - sound is dubbed (even without the Morse this is an incredible series)Peter BartonPeter Barton2016Y
Sons of Katie Elder, Theopening scene with steam train & station & operator working in bay window background (no Morse heard)John Wayne, Dean Martin, Earl Holliman, George KennedyHenry Hathaway1965Y
Soul of the Gamebaseball game about Jackie Robinson & some Morse code heard on the radio station just before Jackie checks into a hotelDelroy Lobo, Mykelti Williamson, Blair UnderwoodKevin Rodney Sullivan1996Y
Dwight W, W6AR
S.O.S. Soap PadsTV Commercial?-Nov-Dec 1996N
S.O.S. Titanticseveral scenes in Morse radio room sending Morse (mostly gibbersih) / several good shots of wire equipment & keyDavid Janssen, Cloris Leachman, Susan Saint JamesWilliam Hale1979Y
Space: Above and BeyondEpisode The River of StarsMorse code being sent to the Marines giving them directions on how to save themselves-various19???
Mary J, N0TRK
Space Ghost Coast to CoastCQ briefly heard during usual chaos - animated series, episode 22animation-1996N
Richard, KW0U
Spacecampabout 3/4s of the way through the movie is a switch for some nonvital system to send MorseKate Capshaw, Lea Thompson, Tom SkerrittHarry Winder1986Y
Sandi C, N7UIC
SpiesTV Series - History Channel Documentary - numerous audible code used throughout the series--1997?
George B, WA5HRC
Spies - Red OrchestraTV Series on History Televison (Canada) - excellent sound from straight key, bugs, radio Morse ops called 'Piano players' during WWII spying for Russia / good scenes with German Radio Detection Finders-Anthony Potter1992N(?)
Spirit of '43Cartoon stars Donald Duck - war propaganda cartoon encouring citizens to pay their taxes when due - Donald gets his pay & is torn between paying his taxes & going to a barroom with swastika shaped swinging wooden doors; he punches the bad guy who slams through the swastika doors & wooden pieces fall into the shape of a "V" (for Victory) with 4 chunks of wood dropping underneath as dit dit dit dahDonald DuckWalt Disney Studios1943Y
Linda R, KK1C
Spirit of St. Louis (The)A rare scene of a newspaper reporter typing with the all-caps style of typewriter used by the railways for taking Morse messages, typing orders, telegrams etcJimmy Stewart, Patricia SmithBilly Wilder1957Y
Spy In Black, Theseveral Morse (wireless) scenes from British Naval commander's HQ - Morse slow & easily heard but broken upConrad Veidt, Valerie HobsonMichael Powell1939Y
Stagecoach (1939)hear op receiving 'JERONIMO' (good sound) - in same scene see wonderful series of gravity (crowfoot) batteries on ledge in front of opJohn Wayne, Claire Trevor, John CarradineJohn Ford1939Y
Stairway to Heavenaka: A Matter of Life and Death - lots of Morse occurs while watchers in Heaven look down on earth & discuss "confusion in the air" of voice & MorseDavid Niven, Kim Hunter, Raymond MasseyMichael Powell1946N
Stalingradamazing WWII movie from German perspective - one small Morse scene where General is planning attack & soldier is warned about behaviour - Morse in background sometimes hard to read but hear SONN a few times (English subtitles)Thomas Kreischmann, Jochen Nickel, Sebastian RudolphJoseph Vilsmaier1993Y begins their radio ad on 96.3FM in Toronto with Morse in the background - advertising their internet services using Morse!--April 1999N
Star TrekOriginal & Series - Episode Space Seed: upon encountering the SS Botany Bay Lt Uhurha hears 'CQ CQ CQ' on the bridge - Kirk announces it was meant to cause attention!Nichelle Nichols, William ShatnerMarc Daniels1961-70Y
PHXGraham, KE1BW
Star TrekEpisode: 'The 37's' - Aired 08/28/95, Episode Code #820 - old style of SOS comes from an airplane found on a planet (likely pickup truck floating in space ca1940s in design) - the SOS leads them to a planet where they find a bunch of missing people (kidnapped by aliens?)Nichelle Nichols, William ShatnerMarc Daniels1995Y
Kevin P, KB0POW
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home-William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley et alLeornard Nimoy1986Y
Ron H, AH6RH
Star Trek V: The Final FrontierKirk, Spock & McCoy are locked in the brig; they hear Morse Code being tapped on the wall "Stand Back" before Scotty blows the wall out to rescue themWilliam Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley et alLeornard Nimoy1986Y
Mary J, N0TRK
Star Trek #9, Insurrectiontowards the end when Captain Picard gives Worf the order to destroy 'The Collector' & as Worf moves towards the control panel you hear 66 in CW - code has nothing to do with scene except the sensor sounds emitted just happened to sound like Morse Other details at: InsurrectionPatrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent SpinerJonathan Frakes1998N
Ron H, AH6RH
Star Wars Episode 1:The Phantom Menaceearly portions, Qui-Gon Jinn, is cutting through the blast doors with the light saber to get access to the "bad guys"; just prior to it, as they make their way through the space station; morse code occurs as Jedi Knights Qui-Gon Jinn & Ben Kenobi the bridge of the Trade Federation blockade ship and the captain orders the blast doors closed. The setting for morse is when the ship caring the "ambassadors" approaches the Trade Federation blockade orbiting the planet of Naboo
. The one I really heard CW was as Darth Maul, the Sithian lands on planet Tatooine and begins to scan through his binoculars. You can hear a series of CW characters in the front left channel, the last letter being "H"
Liam Neeson, Jake Lloyd, Natalie PortmanGeorge LucasMay 1999N
Ron H, AH6RH
Star Trek: First Contactthe eyepieces of the board flash Morse Code of names of people associated with the production!Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, LeVar BurtonJonathan Frakes1996Y
Leif Arne S
Steel Sharksseveral scenes with MorseGary BusseyCabin Fever Enterprizes #CF2361998Y
Dan S, AA70A
Station Xexcellent opening scene with Morse keying STATION X in morse - many excellent morse scenes & sound - excellent analysis of German 'Engima' & British 'Colossus' (world's first programmable computer not the US one)actual people of station X at Bletchley ParkPeter Bate1997N
Stay With The DeadSpace: Above and Beyond: 1995 episode-Stay with the Dead
rough Morse is sent to astronauts telling them how to use a comet's gravity to move disabled ship. Space station leader comments that all officers learn the code
Morgan Weisser, Kristen Cloke, Rodney Rowlandvarious1995N
Richard W KW0U
Story of Alexander Graham Bell, The. several small scenes with some di-dahs but nothing dramatic
. scenes with telegraph have interesting keys & sounders (not all Bunnells)
. never lets on Canadian invention but does mention Brantford where invented!
Don Ameche, Loretta Young, Henry FondaIrving Cummings1939N
Sub Down (aka Crush Depth)made for TV movie - in a submarine's control room scientists short-circuit the lights to communicate with trapped crew membersStephen Baldwin, Gabrielle Anaar, Tom ContiGregg Champion1997?
Richard W, KW0U
Subaru Forester AE - CommercialMorse code in background while lady driver and radio operator talk through mics - very faint but therePaul HoganSubaru Production1998N
Subway Sandwichessandwich store is printing on the Kid's Pack bags the International Morse Code & a short history of the code!--1998Y
Dan S, AA70A
SuddenlyGREAT inside station scene with sounder clicking, upside down Prince Albert, wall phone, CTC board, & some good steam and early diesel shotsSterling Hayden, Frank SinatraLewis Allen1954Y
SupermanTV Series - some scenes in Perry White's office has a Morse newspaper ticker sounding off!George Reeves, Phyllis Coates(Lois), John Hamilton(Perry White)Various1951-1957N (Summer 1996 re-runs!)
Suzuki CommercialTV commercial for Suzuki cars - morse easily heard as SSS near end--2000N
Tall In The Saddleno Morse but a short wonderful scene with railway station agent dressed in traditional garbJohn Wayne, "Gabby" Hayes, Ward BondEdwin L Marin1944Y
Tall Target, Theone major scene of excellent & accurate Morse from a sounder in the railway station - several scenes of telegrams from the Eastern Electric Telegraph Company, many wonderful steam train/locomotive scenes - first movie ever heard the use of "...sending a telegram by magnet telegraph" - movie about plot to kill Abe Lincoln on a train in Feb 1861Dick Powell, Paula Raymond, Will GeerAnothony Mann1951Y
Telegraph TrailCrew is constructing the first USA cross-country telegraph through the West and Indian attacking line - several Morse scenesJohn Wayne, Frank McHughTenny Wright1933Y
The AdventurersEpisode: 'Across The Sea Of Time' - story of Thor Heyerdahl - on-board movie footage shows radio op Knut Haugland sending CW from station LI2B (raft) to New York expedition HQ - (Note: Haugland spent WWII as resistence radio op, operating transmitter from Norway allowing Allies to bomb & sink German battleship 'Tirpitz' - call LI2B reissued to Heyerdahl's later expeditions of RA & RAII)PBS documentary-1997?
Charlie C, KA8OQF
The American Experience-Rescue At SeaTV Series, PBS-EXCELLENT documdrama about Marconi wireless & ships 'Florida' & 'Republic' colliding - many excellent scenes of early Marconi wireless equipment, sound, archival photos - first wireless op to send 'CQD' was Jack Binns from ship, Jan 23 1909PBS documentaryMargaret Drain (producer)1999Y
The Battle of the River Plate
(US Title: Pursuit of the Graf Spee)
a lot of signalling between the Royal Navy ships before & during the attack on the Graf Spee by Aldis LampMichael Powell, Emeric PressburgerJohn Gregson, Anthony Quayle, Peter Finch1957Y
Steve C
The Boat(silent) Keaton sends an SOS during a storm - since film silent the actual morse probably differed according to who was playing the organ in the theatreBuster Keaton-1921N
Scott N
The Century That Broke The SilenceCanadian National Railways film produced by CBC Television - deals with the telegraph from NWT, Yukon, across Canada, Collins Telegraph into development and use of telephone - terrific & accurate Morse sound by Col. Lockhart-CNR & CBC1974N
The Glory BrigadeDuring the Korean War Mature sends a voice message in their language to a Greek brigade, which then relays it in code to the US hqVictor Mature, Alex Scourby, Lee MarvinRobert Webb1953Y
Richard W, KW0U
The Great Locomotive Chasea Walt Disney film based on the book & true story of "Andrew's Raider's" who captured a Confederate railroad train during US Civil War - many excellent scenes with accurate Morse, equipment, telegraph wiresFess Parker, Jeffrey Hunter, Jeff YorkFrancis D Lyon1956N (regrettably!)
The Great Marchon History Television(Canada) - march of the North West Mounted Police across Canadian Praires - bug used to transmit messages for Col. French from Ottawa where government approves leaving a strong force at Belly River 1874 / good soundactuals & actual clipsRoger Cardinal1999N
The Great Math Mysteryon NOVA - terrific explanations and demos of electric wireless & magnetic waves, Marconi wireless, receivers, antenna development - sound good especially SOS for Titanic scene - several scenes of old keysactorsJay O Sanders2015Y
The Horse SoldiersConfederates at Newton Station, MS send a telegraph message for reinforcements before the Yankees cut the telegraph lines.
a Yankee cavalryman named Dunker dies from an infected leg that was injured while chopping down a telegraph pole
John Wayne, William Holden, Hoot GibsonJohn Ford1959Y
Russ O
The Imitation GameRight at the beginning accurate Morse above background credits and opening scene - several brief scenes of wireless Morse key and accurate sound - good encryption scene of random letters and Morse operatorsBenedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightly, Matthew GoodeMortem Tyldum2014Y
The Lion Has Wingsan episodic film: each episode shows how we're ready to face the Nazi hordes - One section is about a bombing raid on Nazi ships in the Kiel Canal. A bomber flies over a Royal Navy destroyer who flashes "Good luck" on the Aldis lamp. The bomber replies "Thanks" from a convenient signal lamp fixed underneath it-although it looks like it's facing down & forwards & the bomber had already flown over the destroyer. Another one for the GOOFS fileMerle Oberon, Ralph Richardson, June DuprezMichael Powell, Adrian Brunel & Brian Desmond Hurst1939?
Steve C
The Man Who Never Wasagent in a hotel room using a suitcase radio telegraph key - two scenes like this / NOTE: Morse sound is by flute obligato not real Morse sound!!!Clifton Webb, Gloria Grahame, Robert FlemyngRonald Neame1955Y
John Y, WD0FPY
The New Addams Family (TV Series)'Thing' has been thing-napped & the Family is trying to find 'Thing' - they check his answering machine & a Morse coded message comes out! good code but happened so fast I missed the messageGlenn Taranto, Ellie Harvievarious1998N
The Pier Museuma new museum attraction opening in Toronto, Ontario called The Pier Museum includes "... learn a new code..." with Morse Bunnell key demosponser is History TV (Canada)-Dec 1998N
The RiflemanTV Series - some episodesChuck Connors, Johnny Crawfordvarious1958-1963Y
The Scoobie Doo Show (Cartoon)Episode: Scoobie Doo and the Gold Thieves
. Thelma sends SOS OUR POSITION IS ... using a fishing rod with a led sinker while one of the sea monsters sleeps in the Radio Room (code effect good!)
. heroes Fred and his girlfriend are trapped by the sea monsters in an empty storage room and bang out SOS on the side (good code also)
Scoobie Soo, Thelma, Fred et alCharles A Nicholes / Hanna-Barbera Productions1976N
The SimpsonsTV Series - episode where son is caught in snow storm and uses Morse (dit's & dah's go across TV screen & right into the Smithsonian Institute to a sounder and key next to where the code just falls on the deaf ears of the Samuel Morse statute!)Homer, Bart, Marge, et alvarious1989 to dateY
Dwight, W6AR
update, Worf
The Sound and The Silence. early scenes of Alexander Bell with Morse key but only taps
. one 'horrifying' scene where Bell sweeps two keys into a garbage pail after deciding to work only on the telephone
. long distance test scenes of phone in Paris & Brantford, Ontario stores near end are exceptional for Morse accuracy, use, visuals
John Bach, Ian Bannen, Elizabeth QuinnJohn Kent Harrison1992Y
The Stingthere is a ten second segment where an FBI agent is sending a message to FBI headquarters in Washington DCPaul Newman, Robert Redford, Robert ShawGeorge Roy Hill1973Y
Greg S, WB3EBB
The Streak (song)In the song "The Streak" by Ray Stevens, there are several "openings" where there is a voice over by Ray pretending to be a news reporter covering where a streaking has just occured. You hear morse code in the background to add to the effect of a breaking news story
Ray StevensRay Stevens19??Y
Ron H, AH6RH
The Texas Rangerssome scenes of telegraphy being usedGeorge Montgomery, Gale Storm, Jerome Courtland, Noah BerryPhil Karlson1951Y
Richard W, KW0U
The Toughest Man in ArizonaA telegrapher (Harry Morgan) helps a gang by building a key and tapping into the line - several scenes with code being readVaughn Monroe, Joan Leslie, Edgar Buchanan, Victor JoryRG Springsteen1952Y
Richard W. KW0U
The Untouchables (TV Series)TV Series - Episode: 'The St. Louis Story' - two brief scenes with stockticker working & faint sound - also night time roadside meeting Ness flashes A with headlights & receives M from gangster's headlightsRobert Stack, Jerry Paris, Anthony Georgevarious (this episode: E Koch)1959-63 (Series)N
The Way We Were - The CanadiansTV Series on History Television (Canada)- Episode: 'The Canadians' - scene of lady op working bug in Artic & one railway op (no sound)National Film Board of Canadavarious (this episode: Tom Daly)1959 (Series)N
Them!Very short scene of the radio room of a ship. Radio operator is pounding away at a bug as a rather larger bug (a giant ant) comes crashing into the room. Radio operator stops sending & picks up revolver & blasts away. Morse didn't seem to go with sending. Some copyable morse characters but too much other noiseJames Whitmore, James Arness, Fess ParkerGordon Douglas1954Y
Wilfred G
Thirteen DaysTwo scenes: 1)When the Navy frigate is reporting back that the Soviet freighters are turning around, you see the radio opr banging out morse on navy knobs & hear code-sounds like "S F"
2)When the Navy frigate is signalling another Soviet freighter to stop & be boarded for inspection, US Navy signalman flashes morse on light morse blinker
Ron H, AH6RH
Titanic (1997)(disappointingly weak on Morse when compared to other movies about Titanic)

. (update RGB) while playing simulation for Rose Dawson, robot operator states Titanic likely '...bounced off iceberg like Morse Code dit dit dit'(S)
. Captain goes to the radio room & gives word to send distress signal
. the two radio ops are there; the one next to the key turns & starts tapping
. Morse letter S(?) started but script is calling for CQD & scene ends - that's it!

. News Article: Secret Log & Messages Revealed

Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Gloria StuartJames Cameron1997n/a
Ron H, AH6RH
update RGB
Titanicwireless MorseBarbara StanwyckJean Negulesco1953Y
Titanicwireless MorseGeorge C ScottRobert Liebermann1996?
Titanic: 20 Years Laterwireless Morse scene and reconstruction 20 years was false, not accurate (radio room constructed & based on the Olympic) - after last dive discovered there was much less in Titanic radio room / keyed CQD and SOS - some sound - also found operators saved lives by breaking rulesJames Cameron & other researchersRichard Brehem2017?
Titanic: Death of a Dream
aka Anatomy of a Disaster
wireless Morse - sometimes difficult to hear as layered with narrator David McCallum and music - clearly identify ops Jack Phillips & Hal BrideA & E Presents through Greystone ProductionsMelissa J Pelletiere1994Y - *updated* by Stan, W5JYK
Titanic LIVEDiscovery Channel presents Live feeds from Titanic - towards end, live shot of radio room and some unidentified radio equipment (switchboard appearance almost) floating - terrific computer generated graphic of radio room (accuracy in question) - several sequences of Morse keys and SOS in background - see images at Discovery Channel LinkDiscovery Channel Productionmany researchers, scientists16 August 1998N

(National Geographic)
following is a communications extract from the National Geographics 1987 film about this quest between Alvin and Atlantis II(A2)
"Alvin this is A2."
"Go ahead"
"Roger Ralph. We have the tracking running well and the bow section should be ...uhh... range of about 800 metres bearing two three zero degrees;over."
" . - ." Morse for Roger (received and understood)
There was no explanation for digressing into Morse code
National Geographic?1987Y
Art G
Titanic - The Band Played OnDocumentary about the eight musicians on the ship who played up until the ship sank - several scenes from the 1953 movie 'Titanic' of the radio operators and with morse soundNarr: SuggsMissed2012?
TKX Antwortet Nicht! (TKX Doesn't Reply
(German Movie)
TKX is a fishing trawler in the North Sea where a crew member gets appendicitis - a fisherman is trained in code and tries to locate a doctor but the Maritime bands don't seem to bring results so he moves to the HAM bands - his message gets relayed through a jungle doctor in Africa where he relays to yet another HAM??1950s?
Martin S, VK6ANE (ex DL7NE)
To Have and Have NotBogart on a fishing trawler send the lamp signal S which is answered from shore with an MHumphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Walter BrennanHoward Hawks1944Y
Tombstone-Kurt RussellGeorge Pan Cosmatos1993Y
Too Late The Heroan American officer on special assignment is talking to the British Commanding Officer & getting his new orders when a British soldier opens the door from the Communications Room and Morse Code can be heard in the background - lots of excellent morse throughout filmMichael Caine, Cliff RobertsonRobert Aldrich1970Y
Dwight W, W6AR
Tora! Tora! Tora!Navy officer goes to the communication office to tell Morse op to send the message to all commands: AIR RAID PEARL HARBORX THIS IS NOT A DRILLX AIR RAID PEARL HARBORX THIS IS NOT A DRILLXJason Robards Jr, Martin Balsam, James WhitmoreRichard Fleischer, Toshio Masuda1970Y
Wayne R II, AB5PQ
Toy Story
  • in Evil Sid's room a mechanical head with erector set arms taps a message out on the bed post
  • another toy taps a message for the rest of the toys to gather
animation & Tom Hanks, Tim AllenJohn Lasseter1995Y
PHXGraham, KE1BW
Train Blazers-Bob Steelena1940?
Train Of Life
aka:Train de Vie
English subtitled movie (French, Hebrew, German) good radio morse from train near end - read NEIN NEIN NEIN--1998Y
Trial of the Lindberg Baby, Thebug seen & heard in last scene-original announcer stating message over telephone as code heard from soundervariousA&E Production1992Y
Trinity and Beyond, The Atomic Bomb Moviedocu-drama about the proliferation and testing of nuclear bombs - there is a section where you can clearly hear Morse being sent just prior to a test-?19??N
Dan S, AA7OA
Triple Crossmovie based on true story of a British safecracker who worked as a double agent during WWII - there is CW at several points when the spy communicates with HQChristopher Plummer, Yul BrynerTerence Young1967N
Don C, AA3EK
True Gritstation agent scene only, no Morse - agent seen at ops desk, resonator & Bunnell sounder clearly viewedJohn Wayne, Kim DarbyHenry Hathaway1969Y
True Action Adventures of the 20th CenturyTV Series (History Television Canada) - "Bismarck" excellent key scenes with excellent dubbed Morse as operators work key - also several short morse lamp scenes from ship-to-ship - Morse very readable-George Marshall1996N
True Action Adventures of the 20th CenturyTV Series (History Television Canada) - "Warsaw Ghetto" excellent key scenes with excellent dubbed Morse as used in Ghetto to communicate with outside - Morse very readable-George Marshall1996N
Tucker's Marketplace RestaurantRadio ad: hear Morse SOS several times - advertising a birthday treat at their restaurant on radio 680 News--Mar 1999N
Twelve O'Clock Hightwo short scenes with Morse sound-after first raid using code but switch to radio when Morse fails to cut throughGregory Peck, Dean JaggerHenry King1950Y
Twilight Zone (TV Series)episode where Frank Sutton (Gomer Pyle) was Navy commander in haunted submarine resting on bottom of sea Morse heardRod Serling / many guest appearancesseveralOct 1959-Sep 1964N
Bill W8LV

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