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Canadian Railway Telegraph History

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YEAR Produced
Man Called Intrepid, ATV 3-Part Mini-Series - Several excellent scenes at Camp 'X' someplace in Northern Ontario where Morse taught to spies during WWIIDavid Niven, Michael YorkProduced by CTV1979N
Man from U.N.C.L.E. (The)TV Series - Episode: The Iowa Scuba Affair where Napoleon Solo uses a 'spy radio' that appears to be a crystal set (before the 'pen radios')Robert Vaughn, David McCallum, Leo G Carrollvarious1964-68Y
Joe B, N3TTE
Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Thegood scene of op at Shinbone - although no Morse, the authentic dress of the op is wonderful - eye shades, arm protectors, string tieJohn Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Vera MilesJohn Ford1962Y
Guglielmo MarconiA CRB Foundation Heritage Canada TV Commercial - signifies arrival of first wireless transmission across the Atlantic Ocean from England to Signal Hill, Newfoundland, 12 Dec 1901 - a poor 'S' is attempted??1994-97N
M*A*S*H*TV Series - an episode has Radar taking instructions for a bris via a phone link to a ship off shore - the ship is sending Morse backAlan Alda, Gary Burghoff et alvarious19??Y (some episodes)
M*A*S*H*TV Series - episode with Col. Lacey - Hawkeye is in surgery & is asked to change the radio channel so he bursts out into "DIT DIT DIT DIT DIT Good Evening Mr and Mrs America..." imitating the Walter Winchell routineAlan Alda, Gary Burghoff et alvarious1979Y (some episodes)
Massacre In Romecode heard in background during voice radio broadcasts to civiliansRichard Burton, Marcello MastroianniGeorge Pan Cosmatos1973Y
MaverickMorse message used was 'supposed' to tell the bad guy to make sure that the good guy (Mel Gibson) doesn't make it to the poker gameMel Gibson, Jodi Foster, James GarnerRichard Donner1994Y
Dwight W, W6AR
Maximum Overdrivecode sent uncertainEmilio Estevez, Pat Hingle, Ned austin, Aarry bellStephen King1986Y
McArthur - I Shall Returnmany good scenes with naval Morse signal lamps in PacificHost: John HustonMike Finlay1995N
McHale's NavyTV Series, odd episode - ship-to-shore & war drums by natives!Ernest BorgnineEdward J Montagne1963-5
colour remakes 1989
Medical DetectivesThe Learning Channel (TLC) TV Series - Murder story and investigation of Helle Crafts - when chief investigator questioned, Morse is faintly heard in the backgroundvarious actorsPaul Dowling1996N
Memphis Belleno Morse sound but three clear scenes of Morse straight key used by navigator on planeMatthew Modine, Eric Stoltz, Tate DonovanMichael Caton-Jones1990Y
Men of the Fighting LadyMorse seen & heard during radio room scenes onboard the carrier during the Korean WarVan Johnson, Walter Pidgeon, Keenan WynnAndrew Marton1954Y
Donald C, AA3EK
Men In Blackapparently Morse code is used in this movie somewhere - any know what/where?Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith, Linda FiorentinoBarry Sonnenfeld1997Y
Mike, N9BOR
Merrill's Maraudersone short scene near end where wireless US army op in Burma sends 'SMO'(?)Andrew Duggan, Jeff Chandler, Claude Aikens, Ty HardenSamuel Fuller1968N
Miami Vicethe opening sequence of one episode had a piece of music with Morse Code in the background before the opening creditsDon Johnson, Philip Michael Thomasvarious1984-89N
John Henry N
Mickey MouseCartoon Title: "Mickey's Garden" - he uses call sign W60PU as part of plot & is on his QSL cards
UPDATE: Mickey is working in his garden, which is overrun with bugs; the scene in which the morse code appears is one bug transmitting the signal to attack to all the other bugs - actual code is "CQ CQ OK GA OK GA"
Mickey Mouse?1935N
Andrew S, N2CN,George McG, K4CRQ
Midsomer MurdersPart One Secrets and Spies Episode - Morse taped out on a china dinner plate with a sterling silver knife - Morse is slow and easy to read! - one actor also mimics the tapped Morse saying dit-dah-dit etcJohn Nettles, Jason Hughes, Jane WymarkVarious2009Y
MidwayMorse sent to indicate that the island's fresh water condenser was broken - gibberish code written by editorial dept.: ODBRQDLX (*code sent by Bob Leonard, KE6DM in movie)Henry Fonda, Charlton HestonJack Smight1976Y
Donald C, AA3EK
Mighty Mo The Many Lives of the USS Missouria few pictures where the USS Missouri was sending Morse to other ships in fleet--19???
Dwight, W6AR
Miracle of the BellsA miracle occurs when a movie star is laid to rest - some Morse sound and scenesFred MacMurray, Frank Sinatra, Lee J CobbIrving Pichel1948Y
Mission ImpossibleTV Series - Phelps is drugged & held captive by a country doctor; one of his operatives comes in & sees Phelps blink Morse to him letting him know what is happeningPeter Graves, Martin Landau, Barbara Bain et alvarious1966-73Y
Dan S, AA70A
Mission ImpossibleKitara Series - TV Series - Barney taps out good clear Morse - Paris says he does not understand the code and Barney says that is because it is Swahili (but what he taps is an S H 5 M and other letters and some nervous jibberish twitches)Peter Graves, Leonard Nimoy, Greg Morris, Lesley WarrenMurray Golden1971Y
Mission ImpossibleThe Question Series - TV Series - Gladly, Morse tapped out on telephone to reveal a location but sadly the Morse is just good jibberish and does not come close to what Phelps says in wordsPeter Graves, Gary Lockwood, Elizabeth AshleyMurray Golden1973Y
Monarch of the GlenTV Series Episode 5019 - Hector and Killwilly land in jail - Hector starts to use tap H in Morse with a spoon on the jail bars to say Hello to Golly in the next cell - Hector forgets what letter E is and swears saying blast that was an AAlastair Mackenzie, Richard Briers, Susan Hampshirevarious2001Y
Monty Python's Flying Circusdid a sequence in series 2's ep 2 (transmission date 22-9-70, recording date 2-7-70) with 'The Semaphore Version of Wuthering Heights', 'Julius Caesar on an Aldis Lamp', 'Gunfight at the OK Corral in Morse Code', & 'The Smoke Signal Version of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'--19???
Moody Blues (music)album is STRANGE TIMES by THE MOODY BLUES - In an interview it was mentioned as being a code; ham radio people say 'CQ' being used by keyboardThe Moody BluesUniversal Records Inc. 012 153 565-21999Y (CD)
Nida D
Moonlight in Vermont (music)the chorus lyrics are wonderful: 'Telegraph cables they sing down the highway, And travel each bend on the road...'Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong also Frank Sinatra has a recording--Y
MoonrakerJames Bond is about to seduce the beautiful CIA Doctor - while going through her belongings, he pushes a button on her purse & an antennae pops out & signals SOS in Morse - he quips: "...standard CIA equipment I see."Roger Moore, Lois Chiles, Michel LonsdaleLewis Gilbert1979Y
Moriturishort scene in German merchant ship radio room with clear Morse - appears to have a bug in use alsoMarlon BrandoBernhard Wicki1965Y
Morning DepartureBritish sub triggers WWII mine & sinks to bottom - after rescue ships arrive good scene with Morse signal lamp - later, diver lands on top of sub & using 'spanner' taps AIRWAY COMING, later PASSING WIRES & finally HRS 10 COMJohn Mills, Richard Attenborough, Nigel PatrickJohn Baker1950N
Morse Code Won't Sign Off (ABC NEWS Item)an interesting special report on Morse Code on ABC News & also available online with audio file & animationBy Kerry Webster Special to
Neal McEwen, K5RW - Telegraph Office
Mosquito SquadronFrench underground receiving morse message from England about attack on Charlon Castle - good, clear reading for the few secondsDavid McCallum, Suzanne Neve, David BuckBoris Sagal1968N
Mr. Horna general explains how his men will use heliographs to send code between patrols, thus moving quickly to corner Geronimo. After these "walkie-talkies" are deployed an Indian uses a mirror to mimic a message, leading a patrol into an ambushDavid Carradine, Richard Widmark, Karen BlackJack Starrett1979Y
Richard W. KW0U
Murder In Normandyshort morse signal lamp sends S - several excellent scenes of Canadian National Telegrams showing death notices of Canadian soldiers murdered by German Panzer MeyerHistory Televison (Canada)David Paperny1999N
Muscle Beach PartyMorse Code heard in the background of the yacht bridgeFrankie Avolon & Annette FunicelloWilliam Asher1964Y
Steve H, KB0JYL
Narrow Margin, Theoriginal 1952 film - no Morse BUT excellent 2 scenes with lady TTY op typing & spooling tape along with male op in eye shades & traditional arm bandsCharles McGrawRichard Fleischer1952Y
National Dream, The (The Last Spike)Episodes 5&6 especially
.several scenes with accurate Morse, straight Bunnell keys, sounders & many railway stations & scenes - Van Horne seen/heard using key
note, several errors: CPR shown crossing Canadian Praires without telegraph poles along side but telegraph poles across first!
.laying rails see 'Algoma' steel but didn't exist in 1881
.rails are used & 100 pounders
.Van Horne blasts 14L on whistle but signal not used until late 1890s
.mention use of 'fishplates' but laid rails in 1880s did not use them
John Colicos, Joe Crowfoot, Jean-Marie LemieuxEric Till & James Murray1974N
National Postnewspaper television ad - clear Morse heard behind talking and image of 1940s hat with 'press' badge in hatbandanimationon CTV1998N
Nazi MegastructuresHitler's Megaships - some scenes of Morse radio equipment and signaling lights from TirpitzTony Pollard, James HollandNational Geographic2015Y
Nazi MegastructuresKamikaze Bombers - several oepning scenes with Morse sound - radio equipmentTony Pollard, James HollandNational Geographic2015Y
Nazi MegastructuresLightning War Machine - many scenes with interesting morse keys and radio equipment for tanks and planes - a few scenes with morse sound but jibberish effect Tony Pollard, James HollandNational Geographic2016Y
Nazi MegastructuresHitler's Megafortress - Channel Islands - several scenes of Morse and German Enginma machine use - incredible communication rooms and towerTony Pollard, James HollandNational Geographic2016Y
Nazi MegastructuresHitler's Killer Subs - several scenes of wireless Morse and German Enginma machine used on U-Boats with very bried dubbed sounds - also discovery of communication Command bunkers on land for U-Boat commTony Pollard, James HollandNational Geographic2016Y
News CanadaALL news episodes opens with Morse sounding NEWS then announcer jumps to events of the day (sports, weather, railway, communications, social, transportation, fashion etc)animationYossi Abolafia, National Film Board of Canada1978N
News Canadaep: October 26 1878 NFB of Canada Vignette - news opens with Morse sounding NEWS then announcer jumps to events of the day (CPR, Hanlan, women's fashions)animationYossi Abolafia, National Film Board of Canada1978N
Night Flight
aka: Vol de Nuit
extracts of Morse were used to great dramatic effect in the production stormsJohn Barrymore, Helen Hayes, Clark Gable, Lionel Barrymore, Robert Montgomery, Myrna Loy, William GarganClarence Brown1933? - Ron H G0MRH in MM51 Pg41
Night Mail-Frank Atkinson, Richard BirdHerbert Smith, Harry Watt, Basil Wright1936?
Night Passageopening screen has "Click" the operator writing down a telegram from end-of-track - can hear Morse in background while taking telegram - interesting setup of gravity batteries seen alsoJimmy Stewart, Brandon de WildeJames Neilson1957N
Night To Remember, Awireless Morse - Actual Sent:
  • CAR MEET TITANIC ON ARRIVAL NEW YORK REGARDS - ETW AR AR (likey refers to Grand Trunk Railway President, M Hays
  • Titanic distress call includes: CQD DE MGY - TITANIC STRUCK BERG SINKING 4146N 5014W SOS
  • final message: HEAD DOWN
  • Kenneth MoreRoy Ward Baker1958Y
    update Donald C, AA3EK
    Night Train To Munich (aka Night Train)poor Morse
  • used in background as girl picks up Southern Railway(UK) train ticket
  • between submarine & dingy
  • Rex HarrisonCarol Reed1940Y
    No Man Is An Islanddocudrama on life of George R. Tweed, a World War II hero - Tweed is trapped on Guam from the day when Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor - when time comes for Allies to invade the island, he is instrumental in signaling information to them from his hidden base on a hilltop - several good scenes with mirror & sending morse but not very accurate - some good sound from subJeffrey Hunter, Miguel Anzures, Mario BarriRichard Gladstone, John Monks Jr1962N
    Now It Can Be Toldafter WWII the group that trained the spies made a movie - some of the actors were the real spies in the training - several excellent scenes of Morse & equipment-?1946N
    O.S.S.many Morse scenes (eg) Code training class with people using J-38 keys & several women in large radio room copying code from agents in occupied FranceAlan LaddIrving Pichel1946N
    John Y, WD0FPY
    Odetteseveral good scenes of wireless Morse used - code sometimes hard to hearAnna Neagle, Trevor Howard, Peter UstinovHerbert Wilcox1951N
    Oh Henry Chocolate BarsTV Commercial??February 1997N
    On the BeachActual sent: KA COKE BOTTLE ON KEY HELD BY WINDOW CORD RETURNING ABOARD NOW AR SKGregory PeckStanley Kramer1959Y
    update Donald C, AA3EK
    Once Upon A Time In The Westopening scene with Station Agent has paper register clicking away with 2 spools of tape! - 2nd scene later of another station with same type of paper register working! NICE!Henry Fonda, Claudia Cardinale, Charles Bronson, Jason RobardsSergio Leone1969Y
    One of Our Aircraft is Missing
  • update: while playing soccer, the spectators clap encouragement to British over Germans by clapping 'V V V V'
  • brief glimpses of Morse signal lamp from ground to planes about to take off
  • hand taps out 'V' so RAF know it is a friend at the door
  • Godfrey TearleMichael Powell1941Y
    Operation BottleneckAmerican soldiers in World War II Burma use code to contact their headquartersRon Foster, Miiko Taka, Norman Alden, Edward PahnEdward L Cahn1961N
    Richard W, KW0U
    Operation Pacificscenes: 1)'Sparks' told to send message - see/hear straight key send 'USS' for United States Submarine Thunderbolt (2) sub damaged then refitted - now see bug & hear brief sound - also see Japanese Morse signal lamps which Wayne refers to as 'search lights'!John Wayne, Patricia Neal, Ward BondBlake Edwards1951Y
    OnTVTV commercial - ad for ONTV TV channel in Hamilton, Ontario - read "HAM" in sound--2000N
    AL B, W1AB
    update QST Mag Aug 1997 Pg25 Ronnie V, K9OCE
    Our Man In Havanaseveral brief Morse scenes - news tickerAlec Guiness, Burl Ives, Maureen O'HaraCarol Reed1960Y
    Overland PacificA railway investigator tries to round up the white men behind a fake Indian attack on track layers - seevral end of track scenes in tent of Morse sent - cut wires on ploesChris Alcaide, William Bishop, Peggie CastleFred F Sears1954Y
    Overland TrailTV seriesWilliam Bendix, Doug McClurevarious1960?
    Pale Rider-Clint EastwoodClint Eastwood1985Y
    Paul Merton's Secret StationsPaul Merton travelling Britain's Request Station Stop Stations visits Ferryside Signal Box and the operator uses the telegraph signal key and bell to alert stations up and down the line that a train has passed his station - clear, audible sound - Part 1 Episode 1Paul MertonStephanie Fyfe (Producer)2018Y
    Pearl HarbourHistory Television (Canada) doing week series on Pearl Harbour-use Morse in TV ad to advertise specials; hear only slow 'SSS'--2001N
    Pearl Harbournew release of movie-scene where Commander Mitsuo Fuchida radios back the results of the air raid to flag ship-hard to hear 20 WPM CW in background, last character 'K' - Other Details Here Ben Affleck, Kate Beckinsale, Cuba Gooding, JrMichael Bay2001NY
    Ron H
    Pearls Before Swinein '60s Rock band "Pearls Before Swine" that wrote & recorded tune titled "Oh Miss Morse" with Morse code in backgroundmembers??1960s?
    Mick S
    Pee-Wee's Big AdventurePee-Wee uses a house alarm to trigger a transmitter in a pumpkin to send the letter C which inturn makes an antenna send the Morse letters BIKE to open the door to his special bicyclePee-Wee Herman, Elizabeth DailyTim Burton1985Y
    Richard W, KW0U
    (CD Audio) Day and Night - The Many Voices of Peter Sellers (and) Fool Brittaniaa Peter Sellers track on a CD is a tribute to Morse tappers - words NIGHT AND DAY sent in time with music - also 'Fool Britannia' with 'big lumps of Morse on it.'Peter SellersDay and Night EMI Comedy Classics #Ecc39
    Fool Brittania MCI Spoken Word #GAGSDMC 071
    19?? & 1963 respY (CD/cassette)
    Graham F, G3MFJ/AB7VN
    Pelican Brief, Thea small boat arrives on the beach in the dark & sends M by flashlight & receives K from another boatJulia Roberts, Densel Washington, Sam ShepardAlan J Pakula1993Y
    People's CountryPBS Documentary Series - goes through 20thC one year at a time
    . 1930-"Sporting Fever"
    . 1921 "Dempsey-Carpentier Heavyweight Championship Fight" - film of event includes scene of the day, one transmitting fight live via telegraph using bug with straight key close at hand
    PBS Documentary-1990sY
    Petticoat JunctionTV Series - Edgar Buchann, Bea Benaderet, Linda Henning, Smiley BurnetteSeveral shows throughout the run have Morse in Sam Drucker's store also when steam train is usedVarious1963-70Y
    Phantom EmpireIn Episode Two Thunder Riders from the secret underground kingdom of Murania are recalled by Morse code. The queen sends S-I-E to the leader's wrist radioGene Autry, Frankie Darro, Betsy King RossOtto Brewer1935Y
    Richard W, KW0U
    Phantom Express, TheVillians trying to sabotage a railway - weak Morse (scratchy sound!)J Farrell MacDonald, Hobart BosworthEmory Johnson1932Y
    Phenomenon- HAM op call in movie is WB6QLF and is a real person!
    - John Travolta copies RTTY by ear
    - information from Charlie (KA8OQF) as a 'Newsline' feature closer from his interview in 'Amateur News Weekly'
    John Travolta & Forest WhitakerJohn Turteltaub1996n/a
    Greg, W8XP & Charlie, KA8OQF
    Play Dirtyopening scene has Morse signal lamp between shore & ship (playing chess!)
    . Morse key used in desert to test signal when radio fails (mostly gibberish but hear S S S
    . late scene has gibberish Morse being sent but Germans listening & intercept signal & hear S F K M via German receiver
    Michael Caine, Nigel Davenport, Nigel GreenAndre De Toth1969N
    Polaroid Commercialcommercial for Polaroid 'Polapulse flashlight' - man in bar holding book with 'MORSE' - he flashes a message to a girl across the room: "I find you deeply attractive" problem is an old sailor behind the girl reads the message & chases the guy out of the bar--1997N
    Dwight, W6AR
    Poseidon Adventure, TheMorse used on the hull of the Poseidon to communicate with the divers/survivorsGene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine, Shelley WintersRonald Neame1972Y
    Jay M, KD1GP
    Porky Pig ('The Stranger and Porky Pig')Cartoon - when Tonto calls the Lone stranger on his 'Televisor' you hear following 'HI HAMS QSL PORKY' (no spaces)Porky Pig, Tonto, Lone StrangerRobert Clampett1939N
    AL B, W1AB; update Bob F NS3Z
    PT 109use of Morse signal lamp between shipsCliff RobertsonLeslie Martinson1963Y
    Dan S, AA70A
    Elvis Presley Special 'Aloha in Hawaii'Elvis says 'Aloha' from Hawaii in Morse, speed about 20wpm
    .(update)on Jan. 14/73 it was an NBC-TV special satellite broadcast from International Center in Honolulu, reaching one billion people - performance was recorded live & released as a double album in Feb. 1973 & subsequently certified MULTI-PLATINUM
    Elvis Presly--1973 (Jan. 14)
    Pat M, W9ZO & update
    Presidents At War - Part One - A Call To Valor SeriesOnly small scene scene with excellent Morse after the opening scene for 1941/42- also a brief Morse naval lamp scene includes Eisenhower, LBJ, Reagan, Kennedy, Bush, Ford, Carter 2019Y
    Prisoner of Shark Island, TheDoctor Mudd has ordered the soldiers to fire the canon at a US ship to make it come to port with needed medical supplies - several sequences of Morse naval signals flags & waving hand lanterns - uncertain if actual messages or notWarner Baxter, Gloria Stuart, John Carradine, Joyce KayJohn Ford1936N
    PSI Factor. TV Series, Episode #115r - buzzing effect used to drive out rats that are screwing up the production of computer chips is actually tightly filtered cw
    . main character's last line, "...we may never know about this..."(referring to cw) is followed by two recognizable letters in cw, HA
    . various letters in cw also heard in background under Dan Aykroyd's commentary
    Charlie C, KA8OQF
    Purple Plain, TheMorse signal lamp giving okay for plane to takeoffGregory Peck, Win Min ThanRobert Parrish1954N
    Gomer Pyle, USMCwhile on sea manuevers with US Navy, Gomer is sent out to a raft occupied by Sgt. Carter et al - Carter receives a message through the fog via Morse signal lamp from ship (Gomer saves the day by swimming into a periscope & capturing the sub belowJim Nabors, Frank Suttonvarious1964-1969N
    Dan S, AA70A

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