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Canadian Railway Telegraph History

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YEAR Produced
U571several morse scenes of good morse - one scene has the German Captain, chained to a pipe, tapping morse out "MY NAME IS U571 KILL ME"Matthew McConaughey, Bill Paxton, Harvey Keitel, Jon Bon JoviJonathan Mostow2000NY
Ryan B, RCI
U-BoatsHistory Television Canada Series - Part 1 & 3 - Morse radio communication with excellent & readable Morse scenes & sound dubbing
. "Strange Intelligence" by HC Bywater discussed & how German U-boats able to fix British ships with own book & code
. signals from subs sent only while on surface
. excellent discussion on 'Enigma' decoder
several brief/fast scenes with Morse signal lamps
-Nigel Turner1997N
Union Pacific-Barbara StanwyckCecil B DeMille1939Y
Union PacificTV Series - set along the right-of-way of the UPJeff Morrow, Judd Prattvarious1958? (Morse use likely but not confirmed)
Up Periscope. radioman copies message announcing promotion of all Ensigns 25000-30000 - actual code: WSC VX2IEO 2J000AE
. Garner is secretly photographing a codebook message while message comes in and op acks with MSG
James GarnerGordon Douglas1959Y
update Donald C AA3EK, & John Y WD0FPY

Vertical Limits
the main character is able to communicate with his sister who was trapped under snow because of an avalanche using MorseChris O'Donnell, Bill Paxton, Annie GarrettMartin Campbell, Roger Vernon1968N
N Thomas

Victory At Sea
Various segments of TV documentary Morse code is mimicked inaccurately by various musical instruments-various1980sY
Mick S
Villa Ridestwo scenes with Morse and telegrams (some good train scenes)Yul Brynner, Robert Mitchem, Charles BronsonBuzz Kulik1968Y
Joe B. N3TTE
Vimy: Birth of a Nationexcellent mini-series of Canadian troops and capture of Vimy Ridge during WWI - in Part 2-'Gas' close up of badly 'tuned' key & message sent: GERMANS USE GAS TO AFFIXIATE
. Canadian officer seen in 2 segments sending S M L (actor sends each letter with arm at least a foot off knob)
vintage WWI film clips - HistoryTV (Canada)Peter Hollingsworth Johnson1996Y
Vision TVVision TV ad for their TV programming - towards end of ad Morse dits out V I S I O NVision TVVision TV2017Y
VolcanoSlow paced drama involved with a diverAnna Magnani, Rossano BrazziWilliam Dieterle1953?
Von Ryan's Expresswhen the train passes Milano Station without stopping, the station master signals to the command center with a straight key and uses Morse codeFrank Sinatra, Trevor HowardMark Robson1965Y
Dan S, AA70A
Voyage of the Damnedwireless Morse used to relay message to Captain of the St. Louis about troubles in HavanaOskar Werner, Faye Dunaway, Orsen WellsStuart Rosenberg1976Y
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (Movie)in order to launch a special atomic missile into a ring of fire on the earth's surface, Sparks, the radioman, must contact the President to get authority to launch - while calling on voice radio a lot of Morse is heard in the backgroundWalter Pidgeon, Joan Fontaine, Barbara EdenIrwin Allen1961Y
Dwight, W6AR
Voyage to the Bottom of the SeaTV Series - Morse used in a few episodes - *update episode* one of the crew on the sub was inhabited by an imposter & somebody's hand started beating out Morse Code revealing the presence of an imposterRichard Basehartvarious1964-68N
Dan S, AA70A
update Kathryn M
(Recording) Voyager Spacecraft Missionthe phonograph record placed aboard the Voyager Spacecraft, which has left our solar system, contains Morse Code! For further details: Scroll down/click on 'Sounds'---N
Dan S, AA70A
Wackiest Ship In The Army?, The. blinker: shore to sailboat & boat to shore
. CW: at old coast watcher location
. CW: sailboat radios enemy convoy position
Jack Lemmon, Ricky Nelson, John LundRichard Murphy1960Y
John Y, WD0FPY
Wagon TrainTV Series, odd episodeWard BondHerschel Daugherty1957-58Y
Wake Islandtelegrapher sending message (SOS started) during Japanese invasion but is killed
.(updates) brief Morse sound by 'Sparks' about Japanese bombing Pearl Harbour
. two brief Japanese Morse signal lamp scenes
Brian Donlevy, Macdonald Carey, Robert Preston, William BendixJohn Farrow1948Y
Les B
updates RGB
Walter Winchell-Walter Winchell
(A&E Biography)
Alison Guss1996Y
Wag The DogIn one scene, William Schumann plays a fabricated "military operative" left behind in the Albanian theater of conflict, & White House staffers try to drum up public support while the diplomats & military try to bring him home / In a public PR photo, Schumann is wearing a sweater with Morse Code torn into it supposedly saying "Courage Mom"Dustin Hoffman, Robert deNiroBarry Levinson1997N/A
Ron H, AH6RH
Waltons, TheTV Series - one epsiode has John-Boy moving past news tickers clicking towards a politicians backroomRichard Thomas, Ralph Waite, Ellen Colby, Will GeerPhilip Leacock
. Various
War Lover, Thetwo short scenes where navigator using Morse wireless during US bomber raid over GermanySteve McQueen, Robert WagnerPhilip Leacock1962Y
War Stories - SpiesSimply "the best" documentary with Morse on HistoryTelevison (Canada) - contains accurate Morse sound, scenes of many women operators receiving coded messages, Radio Detection vans, wireless - incredibly EXCELLENTthe real operator people who were spies & agents that lived & also a list of many others killed by the GestapoJonathan Lewis (producer)1997N
War Wagon, TheDouglas breaks the telegraph wire/using his gun barrel he taps out a message /ISEMGP/ (jibberish-message received says wire down in El Paso)John Wayne, Kirk DouglasBurt Kennedy1967Y
We Dive At Dawn
  • German Luftwaffe start to send wireless Morse until British submarine gunner destroys antenna of rescue buoy
  • Morse signal lamps from German battleship Brandenburg to German destroyers
  • soldier sends Morse by flashlight to British sub signalling Danish fuel dock ready for them to refuel sub
  • John MillsAnthony Asquith1943Y
    Weapons At War - Special Forces. soldier seen with straight key strapped to his leg sending Morse - told that US Army Special Forces are cross trained in different things, one being Morse Code at 12 wpm
    . another scene where show portable suitcase radio used during WWII in southern France & being used to send code to agent in Algiers
    History Channel Documentary?1995??
    Dwight "Dewey," W6AR
    Wells Fargo
    aka: Tales of Wells Fargo
    TV SeriesDale Robertsonvarious1957-1962?
    Wells Fargogood several visual scenes of morse and story - story includes passenger, mail & express transportationJoel McCrea, Bob Burns, Frances Dee, Lloyd NolanParamount Pictures1940N
    Western Unionstory about the laying of Western Union telegraph lines from Nebraska to Utah in the 1860sRobert Young, Randolph Scott, Dean JaggerFritz Lang1941Y
    Roger B
    Western Union (Song from 1967)Chorus uses Dit, da dit, da dit (8x) twice [ E, N ]Mike Rabon, John Durrill, Jim Grant, Norman Ezell, Jimmy Wright-March 1967Y
    Where Are All The UFOs?A&E Special - Morse V used as a break & lead-in into an actual radio news clip on the Air Force press release announcing they found a crashed space craft at Roswellvarious-1997Y
    Ron H, AH6RH
    Whiskey Galore
    (aka: Tight Little Island)
    -Basil RadfordAlexander MacKendrik1949N
    Whispering SmithA railroad station agent is involved in shady dealings - several station scenes with equipment and pounding sounderAlan Ladd, Brenda MarshallLeslie Fenton, Mel Epstein1948Y
    Wild Bill HickokTV Series - some town episodesGuy Madison, Andy Devinevarious1951-1958?
    Wild Wild West (Movie)movie take-off of Wild Wild West TV Series - only one short scene with morse signal lamp with two poor flashesWill Smith, Kevin Kline, Kenneth BranaghBarry Sonnenfeld1999Y
    Wild Wild West RevisitedLoveless Jr. exchanges signals via heliograph with his agents who set off an atomic bomb - code wasn't clearRobert Conrad, Ross MartinBurt Kennedy1979N
    Richard W, KW0U
    Wild Westsome morse, weakEddie DeanRobert Emmett Tansey1946Y
    Wild, Wild West, TheTV Series, (update) in episode 'The Night of the Janus' (airdate 02/14/69), Jeremy Pike discovers a wax-roll phonograph with a 'catchy tune' - when he winds the unit up the 'tune' is actually a Morse code message (note: multi-tone tune turns into a mono-tone Morse code message!)Robert ConradVarious
    Production run #96
    update from Ron H, AH6RH via Jim-n-Artie (More Wild West Info)
    Winchellseveral scenes with Winchell using bug but all gibberish - no style!Stanley Tucci, Glenne Headley, Christopher PlummerPaul Mazursky1996N
    Wind At My BackTV Series on CBC TV, odd episodeShirley Douglas, Tyrone SavageVarious1996-7N
    Wish Me LuckDramatic British TV Series about WWII British spies based on real-life stories of women civilian spies in British SOE - various episodes have Morse sending & receiving (some quite accurate, others gibberish)Kate Buffery, Suzanna Hamilton, Julian GloverBill Hays1989?
    World At War: Wolf PackAllies use shortwave direction finding on U-boat CW transmissions to counter the wolf packs - a bit of code is heard-various1974Y (many episodes)
    George B, WA5HRC
    Wyoming Mailan imprisoned telegrapher keeps busy by teaching American Morse - several railroad telegraph system scenesStephen McNally, Alexis SmithReginald Le Borg1950N
    Richard W, KW0U
    X CompanyTV Series based on Camp X in Bowmanville Ontario and spy operation in Nazi Germany, Dieppe, France etc - several scenes of wireless Morse equipment - Opening title has 'X Company' and underneath in D&Ds ' -.-. .- -- .--. -..-' (Camp X) - Morse music played whenever a Camp X scene is coming onLara Jean Chorostecki, Jack LaskeyVarious2015DVD
    Young Man With A HornWhile waiting in the train station in the background is soft clean Morse but hard to read as actors are talkingKirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall, Doris DayMichael Curtiz1950Y
    Young Sheldon (TV Series)Episode: An Entrepreneuralist and a swat on the bottom - Sheldon leaves his family a note with Morse Code in Dots and Dashes - just a quick glance at the d&d and looked accurate - d&d message reads: I am taking a bus funfact about buses ...Iain Armitage, Zoe Perry, Lance BarberChuck Lorre, Steven MolaroAired Oct 2019Not Yet
    Young Tom EdisonContinental Morse used in two scenes - code unknownMickey Rooney, Fay Bainter, George Bancroft, Chris BevanNorman Taurog1940Y
    Stan W5JYK
    YYZ (Audio CD)YYZ is an instrumental rock music piece by RUSH - opening part of song has Morse letters YYZ as its rhythmical beat pattern (also for Pearson International Airport, Toronto)Polygram Records, track 3, "Moving Pictures", BarCode 0422-800048-28RUSH1981Y (audio CD)
    Chad, K06TT
    Zeppelinthe hero spy (York) breaks into the Zeppelin's shack to send an SK message. When the opr returns & hears a CW confirmation, York beats him to death, then throws him overboardMichael York, Elke Sommer, PeterEtienne Perier1971Y
    Richard W, KW0U
    Zeppelin Terror AttackA few short scenes with good MorseNOVA SeriesJay O Saunders2014Y


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