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Canadian Railway Telegraph History

The following series of webpages (A to Z) include Movies, Television Shows, TV Commercials, Heritage Commercials, and Cartoons,
which specifically outlines where Morse Code and telegraphic equipment has been used.

With newer movies, less equipment is visible but with more digital/electronic sound and/or music,
has become more prominent in this medium, so this too, where prominently heard, is being included.


  • Somme 1916: Both Sides of the Wire - 21 July 2020

  • MOVIE Titles A to D BELOW

    YEAR Produced
    Movie title unknownold movie - in black and white and set I think in the old west - climatic scene is the sending of morse code by a steam train's horn (I think) to try to make sure another train stops before getting to a bridge which had collapsed - message being sent out was 'Stop the Train' - I think a young boy was the person who realised what the message was saying. Of course, the train stopped in time, and they all lived happily ever after??19??s?
    Noel H
    cartoon - title unknownscene has two cats in the radio room of a ship in a storm - attached to the operating table is a mouse with a tail brought forward as a telegraph key - one of the cats sends SOS in mouse squeaks - "A 1 mouse power transmitter"??1930s?
    Wilfred G
    39 Steps, The (also: The Thirty-Nine Steps). Morse heard after train comes emergency stop on bridge
    Robert Donat, Madelaine CarrollAlfred Hitchcock1935Y
    39 Steps, The (also: The Thirty-Nine Steps)
    remake of 1935 film
    . Morse used in similar fashion to above 1935 filmKenneth More, Taina ElgRalph Thomas1959Y
    633 SquadronMorse signal lamps and code usedCliff RobertsonWalter Grauman1963Y
    John Hann
    680 Radio News680 Radio News, the all-news radio station in Toronto, Ontario is currently using Morse code to warn other road traffic reporting stations that the best traffic report is coming up and all others should stop & listen!--October 1997N
    711 Ocean DriveBookie wire service uses telegraph & sounder to send/receive bookings for race tracks - the boss comes out & points to the sounder and says "See that telegraph key? It's the backbone of the whole racket..." (hmmm) - later he adds "The telephone is here to stay." - O'Brien then adds "Get rid of the telegraph & set up a telephone system." (geez) - several more weird script comments - Morse also used by Joanne Dru to secretly tap Morse for horse odds with her index finger on her purse to guy by slot machine & he runs to make bets - wine glasses used to send triple A for some reason - Morse used is clean & accurateEdmond O'Brien, Joanne Dru, Otto KrugerJoseph M Newman1950Y
    A Man Called Intrepid'Witness To Yesterday' series - excellent discussion with Canadian spy master William Stevenson ('Intrepid') on use of secret code by wireless telegraph & Enigma cipher machine during WWII - discussion of ULTRA code breaking technology & agent "Cynthia" who actually broke German code during WWII - interview by Patrick WatsonPatrick Watson, John NevillePatrick Watson & Ralan Gough1988N
    A View To A KillJames Bond climbs aboard his motorized iceberg - his beautiful Captain sends a Morse code message stating they are underway (gibberish) - also small scene with Q show Bond a radio & has short Morse blurbRoger Moore, Tanya Roberts, Chris WalkenJohn Glen1985Y
    Abraham Lincolnalmost three minute scene of excellent Morse Code in the 'Civil War relay room' - code is clean, some good shots of equipment, use of 'call boys'Walter Huston, Una Merkel, Kay HammondDW Griffith1930Y
    Abe Lincoln in Illinoisminor use of code - several scenes where key/sounder visibleRaymond Massey, Gene Lockhart, Ruth GordonJohn Cromwell1940Video/DVD
    Action In The North AtlanticSoviet fighter escorts send ...- (V) using the throttles of their aircraftHumphrey Bogart, Raymond Massey, Alan Hale SrLloyd Bacon1943Y
    Art G
    Adam-12 (TV Series)episode where the police officer is in an accident, microphone is broken. He cuts the wires & shorts it out to transmit code & communicateJim Reed, Gary Cosby, Martin Milnerseveral1968-75N
    Linda R
    Against The Winda few short Morse scenes with excellent Morse sound during WWII - one sign off is code for PERIOD - wireless Morse unit hidden under manual sewing machineRobert Beatty, Jack WarnerCharles Crichton1953N
    Air Mail (also AirMail)not true Morse but Morse ticker is used extensively by airport to receive weather updates - can hear it pounding quite nicely at times - also, Miller crashes his plane and used Morse hand signals (navy) to send message to planes above him DONT LAND CRASH SURERalph Bellamy, Gloria Stuart, Pat O'BrienJohn Ford1932N
    Airplane!Morse heard where news reporters tell of the impending crash of the airlinerRobert Hays, Julie Hagerty, Lloyd BridgesJim Abrahams1980Y
    Dan S, AA70A
    Alexander Graham BellNational Film Board of Canada - Eyewitness #90-Maurice Blackburn1957N
    Alexander Graham BellA&E BiographyAlexander Graham BellRich DavisJune 1997Y
    Alexander Graham Bell
    Voice of Invention
    A&E Biography For Kids - a few scenes with bug heard & Western Union offices in Boston plus clips of a sounder & bug operating with Morse soundAlexander Graham BellJaffe Productions1996Y

    Alone On The Ice (docudrama)
    . interesting static shot of Dominion of Canada/Government Telegram Service message from/to Byrd
    . Byrd sending radio morse message from airplane over south pole
    . several short soundless scenes and one faint scene of morse sound & morse radio equipment
    Admiral Richard Byrd, several of team membersNancy Potter1999?
    Alvarez Kellya few short scenes of weak morse in background - poor qualityRichard Widmark, William HoldenEdward Dmytryk1966Y

    American Guerilla in the Philippines
    Shows construction of a breadboard radio that allows stranded Navy personnel to contact San Francisco. Code also coordinated with field telephone to send information on Japanese ships and mine fieldTyrone Power, Michelle Prelle, Tom EwellFritz Lang1950N
    Richard W KW0U
    Angel and The Badmanterrific opening telegraph/Morse scene - Wayne must send telegram & orders op to send message - Partial Message: TERRITORIAL RECORDERS OFFICE FORT LANSING...PLOTS 234 235...RECORD IN MY NAME sig COURT EVANSJohn Wayne, Gail RussellJames Edward Grant1947Y
    An R.K.O. Radio PictureOpening production screen to movies produced by R.K.O. Studios - code sent: VVVV AN RKO RADIO PICTURE VVVV
    Anne of Green GablesSeveral scenes of stations with telegraph operator, equipment - limited sound (maybe fake)
    Megan Follows, Colleen Dewhurst, Richard Farnsworth
    1985 on
    Video, DVD
    Anne of Green GablesScenes of station with telegraph operator, equipment - poor sound
    Anne Shirley, Tom Brown, OP Heggie
    George Nicholls
    Video, DVD
    Archaelogy-Searching for the MerrimacTV series on HistoryTelevision - faint Morse for effect only to notify Washington of sinking-Tom Naughton1990N
    Arizona Whirlwinda few telegraph scenes, Morse clean & readableErnie Adams, John Bridges, George Cheseboro, Myrna Dell, Frank Ellis, Al FergusonRobert Emmett Tansey1944Y
    Armoured CommandUsing a secret radio powered by a sewing machine, a French collaborator contacts the German armyHoward Keel, Tina Louise, Warren Anderson, Burt ReynoldsByron Haskin1961Y
    Richard W, KW0U
    Around The World In 80 DaysMichael Palin's re-creation of the trip ard the world but in 4 months - last scene has ship-to-shore radio via Morse to Egyptian authorities - clear but short readingMichael PalinRoger Mills1989N
    Around The World In Eighty DaysMorse in background in several town/city scenesDavid Niven, Shirley MacLaine, Buster KeatonMichael Anderson1956Y

    Artic Disaster (docudrama)
    story of Umberto Nobile's 1928 flight to North Pole in dirigible - several scenes, good morse of sending SOS after crash; also few scenes of faint morse from Japanmany Italian actorsDebbie Gordon (National Georgraphic)1999Y
    Assault On A QueenThe Queen Mary signals a USCG Cutter by Morse signal lampFrank Sinatra, Virna LisiJack Donohue1968Y
    Dan S, AA70A
    Attack Force Zgood morse sound and easy to read BUT terribly bad acting with tin plate keyMel Gibson, John Phillip LawTim Burstall1981Y
    Avengers, TheTV Series - early episodes where Steed uses a hidden transmitter to send MorsePatrick Macnee & Honor BlackmanMaurice Blackburn1965-69Y
    de Steve H KB0JYL
    Avon Lea
    Also: Road To Avon Lea
    TV Series - various episodes 'fake' Morse / train stations / steam trainsCBC Series-1970sY
    Back To BataanAustralian coast watcher HQ clearly seen using a bug to transmit back to Philippine resistance fighters (code not heard)John Wayne, Anthony QuinnEdward Dmytryk1945Y
    Charlie C, KA8OQF
    Baltoanimated story about a dog in Nome, Alaska, who saves the lives of a lot of people with diptheria by getting the lost antitoxin - 3 different scenes with a telegrapher & the dog (Morse!) under the deskKevin Bacon, Bridget Fonda, Phil Collins (voices)Simon Wells1995Y
    Dwight (Dewey), W6AR
    and his wife!
    Beat The DevilMorse heard in background outside of ship's radio roomHumphrey BogartJohn Huston1954Y
    Dave L, KA7OBU

    Bend of the River
    stern wheeler 'River Queen' has a poster showing morse whistle signalling chart (not unlike railway whistle signals)James Stewart, Arthur Kennedy, Rock HudsonAnthony Mann1952Y
    Bernard und Bianca im Känguruhland
    -or- Bernard and Bianca: Rescuers Down Under
    very nice Morse scene where a mouse sends a message around the world to his friends in Morse Code-message: RESCUE AID SOCIETY...A LITTLE BOY IN TROUBLE...SEND HELP!--1997Y
    Franz Matschl-Uhlig
    Best Kept Secret 'D-Day,' Thea lot of Morse Code & straight keys - scene where the British spy 'Garbo' was sending code to Germany telling them that the Normandy Invasion was a diversion-History Channel Production1995(?)Y
    Dwight 'Dewey', W6AR
    BetrayedExcellent wireless Morse throughout when used - first scene has Gable tapping Morse on the stepboard of a wooden cart to send coded messages to England - neat Nazi triangulator scene to locate the cart - Morse training room scene and sending but hard to decipher - excellent but brief sending in Science lab by TurnerClarke Gable, Lana TurnerGottfried Reinherdt1954Y
    Big Jakegood inside scene of station - in background three clear but quick shots of key, sounder and possibly relay behind John Wayne (no Morse though)John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Richard BooneGeorge Sherman1971Y
    Big Valley, TheTV Series - odd episodeBarbara StanwyckVarious1965-69N
    Bingostory about a boy & his dog called Bingo - Bingo becomes a hero after calling 911 on a pay phone then tapping out the emergency on the hook switchCindy Williams, David RascheMatthew Robbins1991Y
    Stan A, WB6LAI
    Blue LightTV Series - Wireless Morse used to communicate back to England in a few episodesRobert Gouletvarious1966N
    BombardierOne brief scene of a bomber using a Morse lamp sending what looked like an SOS for a classroom demoPat OBrien, Randolph Scott, Eddie AlbertRichard Wallace1943Y
    BonanzaTV Series - early episodesLorne GreeneVarious1959-73?

    Breakheart Pass
    has a scene where landline code is sent between a pole connection & fortCharles BronsonTom Gries1976Y
    update Richard W, KW0U
    Breaking The Codes - Breaking the Enigmaexcellent material, explanations & deciphering methods on German enigma code machine during WWII - also several japanese sequencesdocudramaNorman de Lacy Evans1990sN
    Breaking The Codes - Revealing The Enigmaexcellent material, explanations & deciphering methods on German enigma code machine during WWIIdocudramaNorman de Lacy Evans1990sN
    Breaking The Codes - Room 40excellent Marconi scenes of equipment during WWI - vintage radio scenes & morse equipment - effective morse & radio at sea - establishment of Room 40 - morse signal lamps - Morse sound gooddocudramaNorman de Lacy Evans1990sN
    Brides of Fu Manchu, TheMorse used to keep in touch with agentsChristopher LeeDon Sharp1966N
    Steve H, KB0JYL
    Bridge Under the OceanNational Film Board of CanadaanimatedRaymond Garceau1957N
    Briscoe County, Jr., The Adventures of . western spoof (one season 1993-94)
    . he & his friends chase a mysterious killer from the future who has global powers
    . in one episode: he sents his backers a telegram received in Latin & the op is corrected for misspelling a word
    Bruce Campbell, Julius CarryBryan Spicer (directed pilot), various1993-94N
    update Linda KK1C
    Britannica couple of wireless shack shots & transmission to spy who had a radio in a Bible(?) - heard DEdocudrama?19???
    Paul S
    Richard E Byrd
    The Last Explorer
    A&E Productions
    . Morse used by New York Times reporter to send stories out from Antartica -dubbed code used with scene
    . Morse used by 'Advance Team' to Byrd as flies to/over South Pole
    . Byrd seen alone in 'shack' receiving code, & by radio ops who knew something not right at 'Advance Base' so send rescue team out
    . Byrd seen keying Morse while turning electric generator for power
    Richard E Byrd, et alPaul BudlineAugust 1997Y
    Camp 'X'docudrama on major spy centre in Canada during WWII where most spies used against Nazi's located (Oshawa, Ontario) - MANY scenes of morse equipment & training spy-ops - many sound sequences of code (but mostly gibberish sound effect)actual members of Camp 'X'Jeremy McCormack1999N
    Camp X: Secret Agent SchoolEXCELLENT scenes of real Morse (wireless) with accurate dit-dah graphics, sound reading is great, easily readable scroll text matching Morse - Canadian HAM radio op David O'Keefe was selected as first agent - Morse Code instruction class scenes - many wireles scenes of wireless sets/use, and of "HYDRA" use - BEST Morse use in ages!Rael Abrei, Michael Allcock et alAlex McIntosh & Robin Bicknell2014Y
    Cast A Giant Shadowbefore Israel became a country, it learned of a Syrian raid, so the Jews attacked the Syrian fuel depot - after it was over, Morse used/heard being received telling of death of 3 Israeli's & a successful attackKirk Douglas, John Wayne, Angie DickinsonMelville Shavelson1966Y
    CFTO News, Toronto - Closure of MF Commercial Morse Servicesexcellent news capsule, history of Morse, & of closure of the MF Commercial Morse Services as of 31 Dec 1997 at midnight - the distress watch will now be carried out by satelite and computer beaconsoperator from Cornwall, England seen & several historical Morse news clipsCFTO News, TorontoDecember 31 1997N
    CJXY-FM (radio)CJXY-FM, Hamilton, Ontario, aka Y95 uses CQ CQ in their own promos periodically; not sure who did this up for them but VE3CDX was at one time the chief engineer for the co-located TV transmitter CHCH-TV Hamilton--2000N
    Andy M, VA3CW
    CNR Pensionersinterviews of railway and morse men in Saskatoon Saskatchewan - excellent morse sound messages in background - also many scenes of old CN power in SKmany railway & CN agts/opsOB Harvey1997N
    Cadillac DesertPBS show about the building of the Glenn Canyon Dam in Arizona - shows President Dwight Eisenhower setting off the first explosion for the dam construction in 1956 using a J37 or J38 type straight keyJohn Else (Episodes 1,2,3), Linda Harra (Episode 4)PBS KCET Channel 819??N
    Dwight W, W6AR
    Cain Mutiny. Morse signal lamp used to communicate between ships as the 3 officers make their way back to the Cain following an abortive attempt to see Adm. Halsey
    . message not readable but implication is fleet is ordered to sail and a severe weather warning is being issued
    Humphrey Bogart, Jose Ferrer, Van JohnsonEdward Dmytryk1954Y
    Dan S, AA70A
    Canada Remembers - World War II3 Part Series dedicated to Canadian military during WWII - National Film Board of Canada - Morse segments brief - use of Morse Signal Lamp alsovariousT Macartney-Filgate1995N
    Canadian Nickel CommercialRoyal Canadian Mint advertising the Canadian nickel (5 cent piece) - no sound - shows the Morse code engraved around the 1943 to 1945 nickels - "WE WIN WHEN WE WORK WILLINGLY" - code starts at bottom between the E & N of CENTS & continues clockwise-Royal Canadian Mint of CanadaApril 1999N
    The Canadians - Billy Miner, The Truth About the Grey FoxTV series, History Channel Canada - Morse used with Pinkerton scene when trying to set up & track down Billy Miner, Canada's greatest train robber!Billy MinerRobert Duncan, Host: Patrick Watson1989Y
    Canadian PacificDoesn't do the CPR any favours story-wise! some scenes with Morse at station/equipmentRandolph Scott, John DehnerEdwin L Marin1949Y
    CannonballTV series - story dealt with Canadian truck driver Mike Malone, his family, & partner Jerry Austin living in or near Toronto - Mike's son was interested in amateur radio - several episodes dealt with radio, Morse, & that the son was anxious to reach 18 so he could take the amateur examsPaul Birch, William CampbellRobert Maxwell producer1958N
    Ray H, NJ0G
    Captain Horatio Hornblower. 'interesting' use of 1795 Murray 6-shutter semaphore (pre-Morse Signal lamp-film depicts year 1807)
    . near end the use of the Claude Chappe wooden semaphore device in England (Plymouth)
    Gregory Peck, Virginia Mayo, Robert BeattyRaoul Walsh1951Y
    Cars For KidsCars For Kids charity - radio broadcast on 680 News - sounds like repeated SOS throughout 30 second ad (hard to hear)--2017N
    Casey JonesSyndicated TV Adventure
    one episode had Casey's son learning code
    Casey beats out SOS on the Cannonball's whistle when he hijacked later in the episode
    many episodes showed key & sounder at station, and often heard incoming message
    another episode where Red is pensioned off by the railway, later he finds a bridge washed out & encouraged by Casey's son climbed a telegraph pole & used his gold watch to send a warning message
    Episodes where Morse used that is clear, accurate, easy to read:
    1. A Badge for Casey
    2. Night Run
    3. Silk Train
    4. Lethal Journey
    5. One Way Ticket
    6. Dark Rider
    7. Night Mail
    8. Satan's Wail
    9. Lost Train
    10. The Race
    11. Way Station
    12. The Black Box
    13. Other episodes show 'Telegraph Office' signs or talk about sending or receiving
      a telegram
    Alan Hale Jr, Dub Taylor, Bobby Clark, Mary Lawrence, Eddy WallerVarious1957-8(I got DVDs from MGM now)
    Cash, Johnny(A&E Biography) Johnny Cash, the singer, was an expert Morse op during Korean war - expert at deciphering code & sending (no sound but good still photos)Johnny CashLisa Ziff1998Y
    Century of Warfareepisodal: too many to list, show Morse being used in WWI trenches, early years of WWII, Morse signal lamps with most ships - any one episode may have a scene/sound (generally poorly dubbed) of Morse-various1988Y
    Charge of the Light Brigade, Thelast scene in graphic drawing opening credits has an excellent animated drawing of "The Electric Telegraph" being pulled across the Dover Strait between Calais and DoverTrevor Howard, John Gielgud, Vanessa RedgraveTony Richardson1968Y
    Chartroose CabooseEdgar Buchanan appears as a retired eccentric railway conductor sheltering people in his old railway van - Morse equipmentEdgar BuchananWilliam 'Red' Reynolds1960N
    Gar D
    Cheaper By The DozenIn one scene the father tells the children that there will be no formal studies for them that summer. He pulls out a code key & tells them he's painted the code on the bathroom wallsClifton Webb, Myrna Loy, Jeanne Crain-1950N
    Mac, KB8YHV
    CheyenneTV Series - early episodes to report cattle drive success or troubles 'on-the-trail'Clint WalkerLeslie Martinson, Lee Sholem1955-63Y - some episodes
    Cheyenne Autumnopening scene has Richard Widmark entering 'Telegraph' tent to see if any news has been received - sounder goes off with excellent Morse of a US Senator's name
    later scene with newspaper op trying to send over wire but wires down (good shot of Dominion insulator) then starts jiggling the sounder and key to see why it won't send!
    Richard Widmark, Karl Malden, Carroll BakerJohn Ford1964Y
    Chilis Grill & BarTV Commercial on A&E - rythmic pattern very interesting Morse sound effect??May 1997N
    Citizen CohnRadio announcer Walter Winchell is shown several times using a straight key tapping gibberish to announce his newscast (KOB in one scene with sounder)James Woods, Joe Don Baker, Lee GrantFrank Pierson1992Y
    Citizen KaneStock ticker in background hardly audible in Mr Berstein's officeOrsen Wells, Joseph CottonOrsen Wells1941Y
    Closely Watched Trains. movie in Czechoslovakian with English subtitles - many good Morse scenes/sounds in Czech-Morse!
    . scenes/sounds of station's receiving paper tape recorder registers
    . female day op
    . lots of station/train signal bells
    Vaclav Neckar, Josef SomrJiri Menzel1966Y
    Cockleshell HeroesMorse sound heard in background as German commander receives POWs answers to his written questionnairesJose Ferrer, Trevor HowardJose Ferrer1955N
    Colditz (TV Series)The Carrington Book Epsiode - although not directly Morse, it makes use of very interesting algorithms and secret coding practices that the Gestapo discover in Carrington's alleged book - codes discover reveal german politics, movements, military secretsDavid McCallum, Robert Wagnervarious1980sN
    Vincent P ColemanTV CommercialTrain Dispatcher *Hero* 1917 - Heritage Canadana1994N
    Combat!TV Series/War Drama - some episodes using Morse Code with radio operationsVic Morrow, Rick Jason, Dick Peabodyvarious1962-67N
    Currently on History Television (Canada)
    Comedy CentralTV Commercial with CW playing continuous SOSComedy Channel-1996N
    Joe B N3TTE
    Contact. At start of the movie you are taken back in time & pass increasingly older radio broadcasts including faint Morse Code at the end
    . Young Ellie used the call W9GFO to CQ TO K4WLD (although this qso occured on SSB & not MORSE), W9GFO is the real call of Robert Wilson (recent silent key)
    . orignally they were going to use call W9GFZ of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory Arc
    Jodie Foster, Matthew McConaugheyRobert Zemeckis1997N
    George B, WA5HRC
    *Update* Joe R, W1EK
    *CallSign Update* Robert H, KF4OEG
    Corvette K-225In 1943, after losing his ship and many of his men, 'Mac' MacClain, Canadian Navy officer, returns to his home port - excellent Morse signal lamp used with Navy code(?) and Morse heard in background - also note music often imitates the Morse effect, especially S, O & SRandolph Scott, James Brown, Ella Raines, Andy DevineRichard Rosson1943N
    Counterfeit Traitor, Thenear end of film German patrol boat uses Morse signal lamp on Norwegian fishing boat - send S S S T SWilliam Holden, Lilli PalmerGeorge Seaton1962Y
    Crime of the Centuryafter Hauptmann has been convicted of killing the Lindberg baby, there is a short scene with an operating Morse key, TTY, & Cable News connection (no sound)Stephen Rea, Isabella Rossellini, JT Walsh, Michael MoriarityMark Rydell1996N
    Cross of IronGerman radio man discovers transmitter wrecked but power still available so sends message in Morse by shorting wires! - only letters heard are S T E (likely for Steiner)James Coburn, Maximillian Schell, James MasonSam Peckinpah1977Y
    Cruel Sea, TheMorse signal lamps used in several scenes but do not match script spokenJack Hawkins, Virginia McKennaCharles Fend1953Y
    D-Day in 14 StoriesGerman radio room scene with very brief Morse that read like German for HELP ( HELFEN) - stories by Canadian, British, American, French, German war heroesSeveral WWII war heroesRobin Bicknell, Jamie Kastner2019?
    Dairy Queen Commercialcommercial begins with Q as if announcing a weather 'blizzard' but actually for the Blizzard with M&M's at the DQ--March 1998N
    Dam Busters, TheMorse used
  • plane to plane
  • to report dams gone
  • before takeoff code word 'goner' used to report bombing results-after each bomber makes its run 'goner' is used to report bomb dropped followed by letter indicating the aircraft - in Morse you hear GONER G, GONER P & GONER Z - listening op announces same
  • Richard Todd, Michael RedgraveMichael Anderson1954Y
    update, Ron C
    Danger LightsFabulous & accurate Morse from sounders, keys - an operator in the dispatcher office is typing and talking sounder and showing two copies with carbon paper between service telegram! lots of eye shades, some armwraps - many good scenes of towers, roundhouse, steam locomotives in action - some rare slang in a movie used like Boomer, Hoghead, Floater - the story line though is ummm patheticLouis Wolheim, Robert Armstrong, Jean ArthurGeorge B Seitz1930Y
    Dark Command, The. sending of telegrams with some Morse montages (American Civil War setting)
    . telegraph wire cut by sword
    . op scene but no key/sound
    John Wayne,Claire Trevor, Walter Pidgeon, Roy RogersRaoul Walsh1940Y
    Greg, W8XP
    Das Boot (The Boat)Morse is used in the background as the sub launches & Morse signal lamps are used sub-to-sub on the surfaceJurgen ProchnowWolfgang Petersen1981Y
    Regis, N1KXE
    Dawn of the EyePart One: Born Among ClownsCBC Televison Mini-SeriesLaine DreweryJan 1997?
    Days Of Our LivesSoap-Opera (several episodes) late Dec1999-Jan2000. Using parts from an old record player & antique radio, the (usually evil) Stefano Dimera constructs a device which can transmit Morse Code on one frequency only, that of a Paris radio station. For several episodes, he (supposedly) taps out SOS signals to the radio station's disc jockey, who eventually hears the signal. Police are sent out to find the location from which the signal is being sent (the turret of a castle in the French countryside) but are thwarted in its efforts by the castle's caretaker, who later climbs onto the castle roof & just manages to rip down the antenna during a rainstorm before falling to the ground & lapsing into a coma for several days. The Morse code heard is complete gibberish. --Dec1999-Jan2000N
    Susan M VE3MOG

    Death On The Nile
    when Hercule Poirot (Peter Ustinov) discovers a cobra in his bathroom he taps out SOS on the wall to alert Colonel Race (David Niven)Peter Ustinov, David Niven, Angela Lansbury, Bette Davis, Mia FarrowJohn Guillermin1978Y
    Greg G
    Decoding Nazi Secretsstory of breaking German WWII military codes. Morse messages encoded on "Enigma" machines, & teletype on "Lorenz" machines. Codebreakers at Bletchley Park UK & Arlington Hall USA decoded messages first by hand. Later used a mechanical computer called a "bombe." Numerous film clips of German WWII military radio operations, mostly Morse. Background sound of random Morse groups. Several closeups of Morse operation (for atmosphere) with more than one key style of the era.Numerous interviews with survivors (Allies/German)NOVA docudrama1999N
    Charles C KA80QF
    Delta Force, TheNorris & other Force team are communicating with an arriving Israeli landing craft by using Morse by flashlight - the landing craft replies with ship's light gunChuck Norris, Lee Marvin, Martin BalsamMenahem Golan1986Y
    Kevin W
    Denver & Rio GrandeTwo competing railway companies battle weather, each other, love - best scene is a head on crash of two locomtovies! Several end of track MorseSterling HaydenByron Haskin1952Y
    Desert Fox, The
    (The Story of Rommel)
    an excellent opening scene of Morse signal lamp use sent & received from British submarine / several wireless scenes and 'thumping' key effects in Rommel's HQJames Mason, Jessica Tandy, Cedric HardwickeHenry Hathaway1951Y
    Destination GobiUS navy weathermen in Inner Mongolia use Morse to keep in touch with their headquarters in China - one scene mentions needing a new 807 tubeRichard Widmark, Don Taylor, Casey AdamsRobert Wise1953N
    Richard W, KW0U
    Destination Toyko. submarine leaving San Francisco using Morse signal lamp & sends MSQ
    . signal lamp used to challenge airplane & see SM
    . landing party sends C (for 'clear') & J (for 'Danger Japanese Around')
    . music uses V pattern
    Cary Grant, John Garland, Alan Hale SrDelmer Daves1943Y
    John Y, WD0FPY
    Die Hard With A VengeanceWillis finds a bomb on a train, he throws it out the window, at the precise moment the train hits the detinator that sends Morse code to the bomb setting it offBruce Willis, Jeremy Irons, Graham GreeneJohn McTierman1995Y
    AJ Fox, N9ONP
    Dionne Quintuplets, Theexcellent slow Morse heard behind scene of original CPR telegram sent announcing Quintuplets birthThe Dionne Family - Host:Pierre BertonDonald Brittain1998Y
    Dirigiblethere are several scenes of the wireless shack using an early tube set - Morse is gibberishJack Holt, Fay WrayFrank Capra1931?
    Joe L, N2ADP
    Discovery Channelpromotional ad for television channel includes some fast clear Morse??1999N
    Dodge Cityseveral visual scenes of morse with action around building of the Sante Fe railroadErrol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Ann SheridanWarner Brothers1940sN
    Dogs of War, Thevery brief Morse gibberish near end of film where mercenary sends prepared audio tape from ship-to-shore about land attack - SOMSE heardChristopher Walken, Tom Berenger, Colin BlakelyJohn Irvin1980Y
    Donald Duck (cartoon)Donald, as a child, is on his way to school; there is a struggle between the 'good' & 'bad' aspects of his conscience & while walking past a rural mailbox, the flag points at Donald & beats out in beautifully modulated international Morse CW tone: HEY KIDDonald DuckWalt Disney19??N
    Robert W VE9HT (ex-VE1HN, exx-VE1BOR)
    Donovan's ReefJohn Wayne signals a warning to Jack Warden - by manually switching on and off a harbor jetty light as Lee Marvin dicates a message. Jack Warden responds using his hands - morse likely jibbersihJohn Wayne, Jack Warden, Lee MarvinJohn Ford1963Y
    TR Hicks
    Doomed Voyage of the St. Louis, The
    (see also: Voyage of the Damned)
    Captain Schroder of the SS St.Louis receives a telegram - Roosevelt states he would noy accept the Jews but leaders in Belgium, France, Holland, England said they would help save over 900 Jews onboard the ship - see straight key - also receive messages from Belgium, France, Holland, EnglandOskar Werner, Faye Dunaway, Orsen WellsStuart Rosenberg1976Y
    Dwight, W6AR
    Dr. Quinn, Medicine WomanTV SeriesJane Seymourvarious1993-6na
    Dynamite Dennyseveral visual scenes of morse and a girl station agent with president solving all problems in a logical manner-Lewis Film Service1941N

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