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Santa Fe 3751 Steam Locomotive
Santa Fe 3751, Steam Locomotive
Updated 8-30-2002  Total Pictures Online =32
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        Page 2 of my SF 3751 pictures covers from Williams, AZ to Cajon, CA where I gave up the chase. I watched with adoration as she disappeared around the corner near Blue Cut and literally off into the sunset. Thanks SBRHS, Amtrak, GCR, A&C, BNSF, Metrolink, NRHS, and the many volunteers and professionals who made this great trip a reality! (Did I forget anyone?) With that, please follow the links below and enjoy the inbound trips pictures!

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Outbound Trip (Eastward Run)

Day 3; August 25, 2002; Williams, AZ to Parker, AZ

Williams, AZ

SF 3751  Williams, AZSF 3751  Williams, AZSF 3751  Williams, AZ

Little Hells Canyon, AZ (near Drake)

SF 3751  Little Hells Cyn., AZSF 3751  Little Hells Cyn., AZ

Hells Canyon, Drake, AZ

SF 3751  Hells Cyn., Drake, AZSF 3751  Hells Cyn., Drake, AZ

Piedmont, AZ

SF 3751  Piedmont, AZ

Wickenburg, AZ

SF 3751  Wickenburg, AZ

Aguila, AZ

SF 3751  Aguila, AZ

Wenden, AZ

SF 3751  Wenden, AZSF 3751  Wenden, AZ

Hope, AZ

SF 3751  Hope, AZSF 3751  Hope, AZSF 3751  Hope, AZ

Vicksburg, AZ

SF 3751  Vicksburg, AZ

Parker, AZ

SF 3751  Parker, AZSF 3751  Parker, AZSF 3751  Parker, AZ

Day 4; August 26, 2002  Parker, AZ to LAUPT, CA

Parker, AZ

SF 3751  Parker, AZ

Cadiz, CA

SF 3751  Cadiz, CA

Amboy, CA

SF 3751  Amboy, CA

Siberia, CA

SF 3751  Siberia, CA

Ludlow, CA

SF 3751  Ludlow, CASF 3751  Ludlow, CA

Newberry Springs, CA

SF 3751  Newberry Springs, CA

Daggett, CA

SF 3751  Daggett, CA

Barstow, CA

SF 3751  Barstow, CASF 3751  Barstow, CA

Victorville, CA

SF 3751  Victorville, CA

Bonus Shots- Saturday GCR Triple Header in Williams!

Grand Canyon Triple Header, Williams, AZGrand Canyon Triple Header, Williams, AZ

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