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Santa Fe 3751 Steam Locomotive

Santa Fe 3751, Steam Locomotive
Updated 8-30-2002  Total Pictures Online =54
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        The Santa Fe 3751, is a Pioneer 4-8-4 type, and saw regular service from 1927 to 1953. It now belongs to the San Bernardino Railroad Historical Society and is a fully restored and working steam locomotive. In August of 2002, they traveled from LA to Williams, AZ  for the 62nd installment of the National Railroad Historical Society's annual convention, hosted by the Grand Canyon Chapter of the NRHS.  I followed the 3751, where possible, along its route between LA and Williams and back again.  While crowded with foamers, there were only a few incidents and the trip chasing was very worth the headache. This is a magnificent engine. Below you'll find the results of a whole lot of miles on the road and a careful execution of a game plan to maximize my opportunities to catch this wonderful machine. Please enjoy the images and look out for more. There are several left to scan and insert into the mix!

        I entered the SBRHS official photography contest and won the Grand Prize! Congratulations to all the other participants. I feel honored to have had my picture selected among the many wonderful images that were submitted. Click on the image to get a larger one.

Inbound Trip (Westward Run)

Day 1; August 19, 2002; LAUPT to Needles, CA

Cajon, CA

SF 3751  Blue Cut, Cajon, CASF 3751  Cajon, CASF 3751  Cajon, CASF 3751  Silverwood, CA

Victorville, CA

SF 3751  Victorville, CA

Barstow, CA...coming soon

Daggett, CA

SF 3751  Daggett, CA

Ludlow, CA

SF 3751  Ludlow, CASF 3751  Ludlow, CA

Ash Hill, CA

SF 3751  Ash Hill, CASF 3751  Ash Hill, CA

Day 2; August 20, 2002  Needles, CA to Williams, AZ

Needles, CA...coming soon

Topock, AZ

SF 3751  Topock, AZ

Kingman Cyn., AZ

SF 3751  Kingman Cyn, AZSF 3751  Kingman Cyn, AZSF 3751  Kingman Cyn, AZ

Valentine, AZ

SF 3751  Valentine, AZSF 3751  Valentine, AZ

Crozier Cyn, AZ

SF 3751  Crozier Cyn., AZSF 3751  Crozier Cyn., AZ

Peach Springs, AZ...coming soon

Seligman, AZ...coming soon

Crookton, AZ

SF 3751  Crookton, AZ

Williams Jct., AZ

SF 3751  Williams Jct., AZSF 3751  Williams Jct., AZ

Williams, AZ

SF 3751  Williams, AZSF 3751  Williams, AZSF 3751  Williams, AZ

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Inbound and Outbound Schedule

Monday August 19, 2002

10:00 - Grand Canyon Limited departs Los Angeles Union Station.

11:19 - 3751 and train meets Metrolink 315 at Rancho Cucamonga.

11:35 - 3751 and train passes Rialto.

11:40 - 3751 and train drops Metrolink pilot in San Bernardino.

11:45 - 3751 and train departs San Bernardino and moves up Cajon Pass.

14:00 - 3751 and train arrives in Barstow to be serviced and watered.

15:00 - 3751 and train departs Barstow for Needles (could leave earlier if watering & service is done).

17:00 - 3751 and train arrives at Cadiz for a quick service, departs at 17:20.

19:00 - 3751 and train arrives at Needles, passengers are bussed to Laughlin to overnight (could arrive earlier).

Tuesday August 20, 2002

7:00 - 9:00 - Passenger have breakfast & checkout of Laughlin hotels.

9:00 - Passengers board buses for Needles, arriving at 9:45, boarding immediately.

10:00 - 3751 and train departs Needles.

12:00 - 3751 and train arrives at Kingman for water & service, departs at 12:30.

15:00 - 3751 and train arrives at Williams Junction, backs into Williams Depot at 15:30.

Sunday August 25, 2002

8:30 - 3751 and train depart Williams for Parker.

13:00 - 3751 and train arrive at Matthie, for service, depart at 13:45.

19:00 - 3751 and train arrive at Parker.

Monday August 26, 2002

8:30 - 3751 and train depart Parker.

12:00 - 3751 and train arrive in Cadiz, drop AC pilot and service 3751, departs at 12:30.

14:30 - 3751 and train arrive in Barstow, service 3751 and water, departs at 15:00.

17:00 - 3751 and train pass through San Bernardino on continues on the BNSF through Fullerton, enroute to Los Angeles Union Station.

18:30 - 3751 and train arrive in Los Angeles.

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