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Railroad Crossings : Railroad photography from around the Southwestern USA.

Created 6/28/2000  Latest Update:  03/02/08

        Welcome to Railroad Crossings, one of the premier Railfan Websites on the WWW! (Hey if I don't toot my horn who will?)  I'm celebrating my 7th year on the web and have dished out in excess of 2,500,000 pages during that time (yes that's millions!). Railroad Crossings was developed, built, and maintained with the idea of helping all railfans enjoy a day chasing trains in the desert southwest. Whether you are a photographer, videographer, or just want to sit trackside and watch trains, this site has been developed with you in mind. Within the electrons of this site are pictures, maps, timetables, guides, and links to other great sites. Railroad Crossings is here to help you plan your next trip to some of the hotspots of the southwest.

        This site focuses on rail action that can be found within a days drive of the crossroads of the west, Ogden, UT. (my home port). I moved here from Las Vegas, NV early in the summer 2006 and am now trying to expand the territory and info available through this website. This includes areas along the BNSF Transcon, the UP's Overland and LA&SL routes, as well as some of the most famous locations in all of railroading...Cajon Pass and the Tehachapi Loop. Along with the aforementioned locations, there are sections from other areas of the country, mainly the state of Florida, with CSX and the FEC getting prime real estate on this site. Other areas of interest within Railroad Crossings include a look at some of the restored steam trains traveling the rails out there, namely UP's Challenger and the SF 3751.  Finally you'll find, with relative ease, the area of greatest growth on this site, my railfan guides. Dedicated to giving every railfan accurate information to many area hotspots, these guides include road maps, elevation change graphs, timetables, and frequency guides, as well as descriptive narration on how to find given locations.

        Railroad Crossings has been developed to help the railfan enjoy the western railroading scene. To make this easier, pages are developed following the host railroads own breakdown of its track, IE by subdivision. This segmenting applies mainly to the UP and BNSF, the dominate railroads in the west. In all cases, pictures and information are disseminated following a geographical format. This should help you to locate and duplicate what you find here on-line during your next trip.

        I hope I have prefaced this well and that inside you'll find exactly what you are looking for. Don't hesitate to e-mail with questions or comments. With an area this large there is so much to know and it is nearly impossible to have it all written down. The site is best viewed if your settings are at 1024 X 768 or larger. A special thanks goes out to Trainweb for  hosting this site. Their talents, expertise, and generosity are what makes Railroad Crossings possible. As always, all images are copyrighted so please ask for permission to use these photos in any way. More than likely we can work something out. So come on in, and please keep your hands and feet in the train at all times while it is moving!

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March 2008

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 Union Pacific Railroad


UP in Northern California: 21 pictures from the Feather River Canyon.
UP's Wings


I have removed the content of these pages.

I need the resources it used up to move on to other things. Thanks to all who helped out!

UP 3985 Challenger
The official 2005 excursion schedule will be released soon. See it here. (Blank currently)
UP's Heritage Equipment

24 shots from a recent visit through S. NV by the Centennial

Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF)

Seligman Sub Images updated, nearly 65 in all!

CSX Transportation
 Sections from the Fla Funnel, and a section of CSX on UP in the west. (Las Vegas)


2 of the Zephyr in CO

Florida East Coast Railway 
Gallery of shots from south Florida.
Norfolk Southern
Small gallery of images from North Florida
 Santa Fe 3751
2002 NRHS convention and excursion trip, covered with 54 images on-line.
 Maps and Railfan Info
Desert Railfan Guide: Must read before railfanning the desert SW added 2-5-2004
Night Photos
A compilation of the night shots found scattered throughout the RR Crossings website.
Meadow Valley Wash-out
 Link Page
 Small number of links to my favorite sites.
 On The Point
 What's on the horizon for Railroad Crossings.
 Site Map.
 Hopefully may provide some measure of navigability to this ever growing website.
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