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Latest Update: 03/06/08

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        This page serves as a gateway to the newest material at Railroad Crossings. Images here are the latest NEW pictures and will post here until the next update. Scroll down to see the older posts. All pictures are included in my archive pages and include all past pictures which have moved from this page. Check the link with each update for additional pictures in that category. I have over 1300 pictures online, so not all are represented here.

        Click on a Thumbnail to View larger image. All images are copyrighted.  Use for profit by permission only.

        ***NEW***  I have been using and loving my Nikon D-70 now for some time now...good thing; not posting hardly any of the 1000's of images I have taken with it... bad thing. The change over to all digital images is fully under way on this site. Many of the old scans of print and slides will be retired from the pages and digital images replacing them. Many have been so already with many more digital images awaiting upload. So stay tuned, I figure at 3-5 shots a day swapped out, it will only take about a year to do them all....yikes!!

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Dec 2007

A page featuring high resolution images!
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UP SD-70s page

Latest Subdivision Added

Union Pacific's Lyndyll Sub

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Map and Railfan Info
Evanston Sub, Lyndyll Sub and Caliente Subs

Picture Updates

BNSF Needles Sub

BNSf 559  Siberia, CABNSf 559  Siberia, CABNSf 781   Siberia, CABNSf 4620  Siberia, CABNSf 4620  Siberia, CABNSf 4179  Siberia, CABNSf 4179  Siberia, CA


UPRR Evanston Subdivision, many new additions including these below (look for the red '*' behind the thumbs HERE)

UP 1996 Castle Rock, UTUP 9289 Castle Rock, UTAmttrak 186   Morgan, UTUP 3896  Morgan, UTUP 7614  Morgan, UTUP 7614  Morgan, UTUP 5395  Strawberry, UTUP 7614 Strawberry, UTUP 5286  Strawberry, UT

October 2005

BNSF's Seligman are 10 of the nearly 70 new additions!

Mojave Sub, Tehachapi Loop...50 more here! Feb 2005

Meadow Valley Wash-out  1-14-2005...more here

UP Meadow Valley Wash-out 2005UP Meadow Valley Wash-out 2005UP Meadow Valley Wash-out 2005UP Meadow Valley Wash-out 2005




  Railroad Crossings became the proud recipient of TrainNet's TrainNet Web Gem Award on 2-25-2003!!

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