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Updated   2-22-2004  Total Pictures = 46

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    Images here are archived pictures from the NEW PICTURES PAGE. This archive features Amtrak trains. This page will not change very often because I don't live near any active Amtrak line. (The line between Salt Lake City and L.A. was closed a few years ago.) So check back occasionally, I try and go somewhere to get new shots occasionally.

    Click on a Thumbnail to View larger image.  * after thumbnail denotes image added at latest update given above.  All Images are copyrighted. Use for profit by permission only.

Amtrak Special in Las Vegas, NV  6-14-2002   Time trials between LA and Las Vegas

Amtrak 463  Las Vegas, NVAmtrak 463  Las Vegas, NVAmtrak 450  Las Vegas, NVAmtrak 463  Las Vegas, NVAmtrak 450  Las Vegas, NVAmtrak 450  Sloan, NVAmtrak 450  Erie, NVAmtrak 450  Erie, NVAmtrak 450  Sutor, NVAmtrak 463  Sutor, NV

The 'Silvers' in North FL and South GA

Silver Star: Train #91 & 92

Amtrak 136  Folkston, GAAmtrak 70  West Palm Beach, FLAmtrak 54  Satsuma, FLAmtrak 137  West Palm Beach, FL

Silver Meteor: Train #97 & 98

Amtrak 93  St Mary's River, FLAmtrak 93  St Mary's River, FLAmt 19  Winter Park, FLAmtrak 93  Ft Lauderdale, FLAmtrak 49  Orlando, FLAmt 45  Jacksonville, FLAmt 45  Jacksonville, FLAmt 68  Near NAS JaxAmtrak 4   Jacksonville, FLAmtrak 72   Jacksonville, FLAmtrak 68  Orlando,FL

Palmetto (former Silver Palm): Train # 89 & 90

Amtrak 93  Delta, FLAmtrak 145  Indiantown, FLAmtrak 193  West Palm Beach, FLAmtrak 69  West Palm Beach, FLAmtrak 69  West Palm Beach, FLAmtrak 180 Indiantown, FLAmtrak 76  Callahan, FL

Sunset Limited in Florida Train # 1 & 2

Amtrak's Sunset Limited heads west into the setting Florida sun, crossing the diamonds at Baldwin, FL. (253K)

Southwest Chief: Train #3 & 4

Amtrak 135  Williams, AZAmtrak 135  Williams, AZAmtrak 135  Flagstaff, AZAmtrak 135  McPhetridge, AZ

California Zephyr Train #5 & 6

*  *

Auto Train: Train #52 & 53

Pacific Surfliners

Pacific Surfliner  Solana Beach, CAPacific Surfliner  Oceanside, CA

American Orient Express

Amtrak 160  Erie, NV