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The Basement has evolved over the years. It was originally set out with a layout of HOn3 trackwork in 1977 for a Denver and Rio Grande Western - Narrow Gauge layout. In the 1980s some HO track was added. In 1986, the HOn3 rollingstock began being converted to Queensland Railways HO scale models. In 1995 a circuit of HOn2.5 was added on the upper level. From 2005, G Scale began invading this area and the HO scale layout was progressively cut back in area.

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Geof's Basement - Current Layout

G Scale on top level, HOn3 on middle level, HO on lower level.

The G Scale circuit functions as follows;
The layout incorporates several turnout points that yeild
a balloon reversing loop, a wye and an ovoid circuit of track.
These allow flexibility in train reversing, arraying and fiddle yard 'consist' / storage.

Five complete trains can be set out on the ovoid circuit.
They can be run {simultaneously} around the circuit until the required train reaches,
the set of points that divert it to the line leading out into the back yard Garden Railway.

With all other trains removed from the circuit, one train can be run indoors if need be.
When doing train maintenance, a loco / train can be run around for testing.

Locomotives [or whole trains] can be reversed, either via balloon loop, or via the WYE.

To view Geof's Basement G Scale circuit
click within the BOX below.

Geof's Basement HO Scale Layout

Prior to the G Scale being installed in the Basement,
There was a larger layout arrangement in the basement Train Room.
It comprised, HO on lower level, HOn3 (HOn3 1/2) on middle level, HOn2 1/2 on upper level
There was no interchange between the 3 levels.

To view Geof's Basement Train Room
click within the BOX below.

To view Geof's Basement photos
click within the BOX below.

To view Geof's scratch built HOn3 Locomotives,
click within the BOX below.

To view Geof's scratch built HOn3 Rollingstock models,
click within the BOX below.

To view Geof's scratch built HO Structure models,
click within the BOX below.

Watch a short Video on the Basement HOn3 circuit.

click on the photo below.

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