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All bridges are scratchbuilt in a variety of materials; wood, plastic, metal and composites of those. Most of them are modelled on QR style unless noted otherwise.
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Latest Update: 16th March, 2015
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Spiral Bridge is a twin bridge site with timber girders on masonary abutments.

Brumby Bridge over Brumby Gully, that lifts out over path to access the garden.

Cubby Bridge is a Lift-Out that is packed away when trains are not running.

Orange Bridge is a steel girder bridge made from the ends of a bread crate.

Sundial Bridge is a double length steel girder bridge made from the ends of a bread crate.

Pathway Bridge is the longer one and it lifts out to access the pathway.

Frog Trestle - approach spans to Frog Bridge is a Timber Trestle in QR style.

Frog Bridge is a Lattice Girder type that lifts out, Lattice made from floor of bread crate.

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