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Geof likes to scratch build wagons, vans and coaches and yet some stock is kitbashed or at least overpainted and enhanced to attain a 'family' feel.
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Latest Update; 2nd January, 2015
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A Class, Air vented closed wagon - - - - - Model used wood & styrene.

ALJ Class, Lourvered closed wagon - - - - - Model used wood & styrene.

AR Class, Refreigerated closed wagon - - - - - Typical variant of this Class.

B Class, Brake passenger coaches with QR style curved roofs fitted in lieu of Clerestory roofs.

BGG Class, Brake Goods Guards Van, No. BGG 601 - Rough & Dirty model replicating much neglect.

BGV Class, Brake Guards Van, No. BGV 643 - Completed model is very pleasing.

BLV Class, Brake Lavatory Van, modelled to similar proportions to a CLV.

BIGY Class, shipping container wagon.

C Class, Closed Wagon (Box car) with working side doors - - - - scratchbuilt in wood.

CLC Class, Closed Wagon (Box car) with single side doors - - - - scratchbuilt in wood.

CM Class, Closed Refrigerated Wagon (Box car) - scratchbuilt in wood.

F Class, Four plank open wagon with working drop sides, scratchbuilt in wood.

FTP Class, Two plank open wagon for Ballast. - scratchbuilt, with drop sides, in wood.

H Class, High sides bogie wagon (Gondola) made from sides of a bread crate.

HJ Class, 4 planks high bogie wagon (Gondola) made from split pine.

HJP Class Temporary Passenger wagon, adapted to resemble the prototype.

K Class, "Kattle" (or Cattle, because "C" had already been allocated) 4 wheel (1/2 KA).

M Class, Miscellanous loads, flat car built from wood, includes under car brake & truss detail.

MVC Class, M Video Camera Class, flat car with "steering" of Video Camera MOUNTING.

Q Class, Barron River Quarry Skips, made from butter containers on Balsa frames.

QFW Class, Quarry Flat Wagons, made from split pine.

QBV Class, Quarry Brake Van, made from Balsa.

S Class, flat deck with Baulks for timber, logs or rails.

S4w Class, 4 wheel flat deck wagon, here with a Tarpaulin load.

T Class, Weed spray car ("W" is used for Water wagons), a repainted Bachmann Tank.

V Class, Four wheel Brake Guards Van scratchbuilt in wood.

VR Class, four wheel Coal Hoppers scratchbuilt in Balsa wood.

W Class, Water wagon, 4 wheeler built from wood & styrene.

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