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Cabeese: Below are two Chessie B&O cabeese.  The first is a "Wagontop" style caboose.  The second is a "BayWindow" type.  These were the standard type cabeese for the B&O, with the Bay Window being the more popular of the two.  These are both Dean Heacock pics.

Below are two more of Dean's pics.  The first is a Chessie C&O "Northeast" style cabin.  Notice the off yellow square with the number on it.  This cabin was renumbered from its 3 digit # 286 to the standard 6 digit #9000286.  This was done to lots of cabins from each road.  See the "Wagon Top" above for another example.  The second is a typical "Wide Vision" style cabin.  The C&O preferred the "Wide Vision" cabin, they also had one order of bay windows like the pic above right.

Here are two more of Dean's pics.  The first is a typical WM Chessie caboose.  The second is the predecessor circus paint job for the WM cabeese.  WM cabeese also came in a dark maroon with white lettering.  Notice that the first cabin has only two large window while 1842 has 4.  This is due to the law that came about in the Chessie Era that all cabins and locomotives have bullet proof windows.  The cheapest way of doing this was to get rid of the unneccessary windows by covering them with metal.

Below are pics of the two predecessor cabin paint jobs.  The first is a C&O blue paint job.  Note the burned out caboose in the background.  The second is the B&O blue paint job.  I chose this photo since it shows a very common modification to the B&O scheme during the Chessie Era.  The B&O Capitol Dome logo has been painted over, but not with blue paint.  They painted over it by simply filling in the middle of the circle with yellow paint.  Also the ends of predecessor painted cabins had the red stripes on the yellow ends, this was not done on Chessie painted cabooses.  Both of these are Dean Heacock pics.

Below are two Dean Heacock pics.  I have modeled both of these cabeese.  The WM cabin is of the Northeast type.  WM had only this type.  The C&O had a few too.  The C&O one is a wide vision caboose.  This type is the bulk of the C&O fleet.  These are two examples of the many Safety Cabeese.  Each one had a different color and different slogan.

Below is one of six cabins painted in this scheme.  It is a Dean Heacock pic.  This is a bay window caboose favored by the B&O.

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