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Wigwag Technical

Wigwag Technical

Wigwag Types...
(by company)

Magnetic Signal Company

Magnetic Signal lower quadrant

Magnetic Signal upper quadrant

Western Railroad Supply Co.

WRRS Harpes wigwag

WRRS Autoflag

Union Switch and Signal

Union Switch and Signal DW wigwag

U.S.and S. Automatic Flagman


Restoration/Shop Manuals...

-Southern Pacific Signal Shops
Maintenance Manual
For Magnetic Signal Co. Magnetic Flagman
A must for owners of Magnetic Flagman wigwags.


Old Documents
Articles, blueprints, etc.


Union Switch and Signal Manual
(Acrobat .pdf file)
For instruction on installation and adjustment of the 
US&S DW style wigwag.

Thanks to Eric Schmelz of for hooking 
us up with this. Also thanks to Julie Johnson for originally 
making the material available.


Magnetic Signal Company 
1922 catalogue (complete)

Richard Wilkens scanned his entire catalogue.

To the catalogue pages!

Highlights from Magnetic Signal Company's 1940 catalogue

To the catalogue pages!

Step by step photos of  when I rebuilt my Wigwag

To the project pages!

Banner restoration...


Wigwag Motors
(Magnetic Signal Company)

A simple explanation of what you'll find under the hood.

Other Stuff...

This is a copy of the Southern Pacific Common Standards plan for lower quadrant wigwags, dated October 1940.

If you want the full file you will need to email me. I had to take it down to conserve storage space.

This is part of the Niles Depot collection, sent in by Tom Nelson.

email me for full file

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